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I have recently noticed the interesting ways my corgi, Leia, plays with her toys.  I was wondering how your corgi plays with his/her toys.


Leia has a basket of toys that she chooses from.  Each day, she will play with a few of them.  She brings 1-3 into each room, leaving them there for the day.  She rolls around on top of them, tosses them up into the air and then tries to catch them, kills them (shakes them violently around), buries them in various sheets, blankets, and pillows, and weirdest of all, groups them.


That's right, she groups them.  She will bring all the squeaky toys into a room and put them in a pile, the tug toys are in another room in a pile, and the stuffed animals that are no longer stuffed thanks to Leia are in yet another room.  This behavior only occurs when she is trying to get one of us to play with her.  We get the message.  "Play tug with me! No, no, now lets play Catch the Toy!  Wait, now I want to play Squeak the Toy together!"  She's smart, but no genius.  It's clear that she is just trying to get our attention with these groupings.  Maybe she's thinking, "Don't want to play with that rope?  Okay, I'll try another one.  No?  How 'bout this one?"


Also, when she squeaks her toys, it sounds like an alarm clock.  Seriously.  6 am and she is squeaking her carrot (the only toy she hasn't ripped the stuffing out of) over and over and over...and over again.  She will squeak for five minutes straight, no joke.  I am partly to blame for this behavior, I think.  She has an elephant that has squeakers in the feet.  She and I will spend a few minutes squeaking them together. The name of the game is to squeak all the feet as fast as possible.  She loves it!


So how does your corgi play with toys?

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WOW...I would call this very sophsticated. My dogs chose their toys and know which ones and may take them to their places but not spread them out like yours but then I have a few more corgis. Cute:)
She is a very smart Corgi! Teddy has several toys but He loves tug of war the best. He will bring us all the rope toys he has hoping we will play lol bit if not he throws other toys into the air and then runs around or sometimes he lays on his back and puts the toy in his mouth and paws at it. There is even times when he gets so bored he will bring me his tug a jug or Kong for Me to put food in it so he has something to do

Ginger will bring us her Kong and throw it at us when she wants us to fill it.  If we don't grab it and get up in about 2 seconds then she throws it a second time and starts barking.  We are trying to train her to pick it back up and carry it into the kitchen while we're walking out there.  We've had mild success.

Twinkie likes her "babies" best.  She has a vast collection of plush toys, some meant for dogs and others are Webkins. She like to take one outside to sit on the deck with her.  When she gets a new one, we know it has made the cut if it gets to go outside.  We think that when is left out all night is it's initiation. She takes them out every time she goes out so we have had to work on the "Get your baby!" command.  It is coming along nicely.  She will go fetch a baby when we throw it  but for only about three throws.

I have two corgis, the female will bring me the toy she wants to play with and it is usually a ball for her to chase or a rope. Something funny she does to me is come up behind me when I am lying on the floor and rub her chin onthe right side of my head. It seem that she is rubbing her scent on me. If the male does not want to play he will take the ball away from her so she will not bring it to me. But at the end of the day both of them will come to bed and sit together and sleep on the bed together like nothing has happened.

Leia is very smart indeed!  Gracie likes to be chased with her toys.  She'll nudge me in the leg with one, then move her head fast as lightning when I go to grab it.  If I try again, she runs off.  Game on!  I chase her around the living room but if I want her to give it to me I have to use my stern authoritative voice!  "Give me the squeaky!!".  I feel totally foolish of course, but whatever works to end the chase game.  She also likes to pounce on her toys.  This was quite entertaining for the folks in the car service waiting room when I gave her a new toy and she jumped on it making it squeak.  She used to enjoy making me squeak when she was a puppy when I'd bring her up onto my bed in the morning.  I'd egg her on with a certain look in my eye and she'd pounce on me.  Adorable.  But only recommended during the puppy stage!! 

Franklin also pounces on his toys. I think it is so adorable with his stubby little legs. He likes to be chased too and will run over with a toy in his mouth and growl and bounce around until I chase him. If I don't feel like playing then he will just lay on his back with his toy in his mouth and squeak squeak squeak until I get tired of the racket and play with him!!! He also will bring a toy and squish up next to me on the couch then go into "spasms" where he will lay really still then jerk and kick me. he'll do this over and over and over, its pretty funny to watch but not so much fun to be on the receiving end of the kicks! haha.
Gracie likes to kick me too when she's stretching out for a snooze. It doesn't matter that I was there first...the Corgi must be comfortable! :) We're so nuts for our dogs, aren't we?
Absolutely!  I love all these replies and have seen many of these behaviors in my corgi.  Leia's smart, but I don't think she's smarter than your average corgi.  When she wants to play, she doesn't give up easily.  Determined, stubborn, and fun loving!  Thanks for all your responses.


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