My boy Odin is 3.5 months and weighs 14.5lbs. I have seen on here that many people have pups that are much older and weigh that much. Is that too much? How much did your pup(s) weigh at 4,5,and 6 months?

I feed him Innova Puppy. He gets 3/4 cup twice a day....any suggestions on changing that. I have done research and it seems to be an unanswerable question. And many people say that with Innvoa you don't need to feed as much, and some people say that shouldn't feed dogs "puppy" food. They say it makes them grow too fast...hmm

I see a lot of dogs that get fed puppy and they look great. It is possible I could just have a big dog lol?

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my Jordan is 2 and weighs 31 lbs he was into the teens very early and pushing 20 lbs by 8 months his full grown weight came about a year or little older and then there is Teagen at 8 wks she was 3.5 lbs at 9 months she is 14.5 lbs....that is a big difference between the 2 I'll try to get a side by side of them tonight when Jordan gets home from daycare. I really wouldn't worry to much when I go to the corgi meet-ups the corgis are all very different from the small and petite 17 lb adults to the hulks at around 40 lbs I'd say that Jordan is more to the normal size that I see which puts your little boy Odin right in that normal category also =)
here are the pictures
Much of a pups weight is going to depend on their bone structure and genetics. Did you meet the parents? Do you know how much they weighed? My 5 corgis all weigh between 24 and 28#'s but have slightly different body shapes as my Livvy is 24# and compact and my Bella is longer but 27#'s. I would not reduce a puppies food unless your vet is saying he is too heavy What I did with my dogs as puppies was to feed them large breed puppy food, the ingredients are different as they are made for dogs that are not fully grown until 18 months. When I got my 1st puppy Wynn this is what I had read and they are still growing at 1 year! Personally I would not worry...again as long as it's not fat...can you feel his ribs?
Thank you guys for the insight:)
Here's Stanley's weight chart:

8 weeks: 5.10 lbs
10 weeks: 6 lbs
12 weeks: 9.4 lbs
16 weeks: 14.4 lbs

By about 8 or 9 months, he was up to 28 lbs and now he currently weighs 31 lbs. He's just over 1 year old. Stanley's not fat, he's just big. He's very long and solid. He's bigger than some of his corgi buddies who are older than he is but he's very healthy.

Sounds like Odin will be a good wrestling partner for Stanley!
These smaller pups, are they female? In our meetup group, the smallest corgis are pretty much all female. They are small-framed and are not scrawny, just great little healthy dogs. (They've also got the most speed!)
Wynstan will be 3 months on Saturday and he isn't too far behind Odin, I have been feeding him Buffalo Blue Puppy. My breeder says he is normal weight as of now (I see them a lot because they enjoy the restaurant I work at).

The fact is, some puppies grow up faster than others.
Goldy is a little over three months and weighs in a little over 8 pounds. But, she's a girl. Bear is a year in a few weeks and is a steady 26 pounds. They have the same parents, mom is pretty average, dad is a bit on the small side. So I expected them to be a bit smaller.
Loki was 5 months at 15 lbs, at 3.5 mo <10. He is currently 25 lbs, full height, nice and lean but not underweight. He hit 25 lbs about 7-8 months.

The issue with puppys growing faster I've always attributed to weight gain. A lot of foods are chalk full of carbs and have terrible protien spectrums due to grain (<50% usuable protien in grain spectrums, for building tissue) So the puppy gets fat on carbs and due to excess 'stores' grows faster.
I got Dexter at 5 months where he weighed 20lbs, he's 6.5months old now and 22lbs. His breeder expects him to be like his day and be 30lbs full grown. Dexter gets most of his exercise in the AM and eats a cup of kibble in the morning and 1/2 cup in the evening.
He looks great . My bailey was the same weight at that age, and hes now about 32 lbs at almost 2 years old, heavier than the stsndard, and he's got huge paws. Corgis come in all shapes and sizes, and if you want to talk standard, the standard for male is 28-30lbs.
Also, it just appears we have big healthy boys!! :) I did switch Bailey over to adult kibble @ 8 months of age instead of the widely recommended 1 yr mark.


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