I know indoor cats sleep 18 or so hours a day, and Waffle seems to sleep just as much!  What is the average number of sleep hours for a healthy corgi?  He sleeps a lot and I want to be sure it isn't out of boredom.  It's been hot recently (90 degrees at 11 PM) and I can't exercise him the way I want to.  I still play with him inside, but that's not very tiring. With all his sleeping, I've just begun to wonder how long they're supposed to sleep!

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Not sure about day time, but at night averages 23 sleep-wake episodes during 8 hrs. The sleep-wake cycles consisted of an average of 16 min asleep and 5 min awake. Here's a link to the study, difference in guard dogs and domestic dog.
Very interesting. Neither of mine bark during the night, but they do get up a lot. Many times I've woken up to a whining Bear who has gotten under the bed and can't get out. Nothing like getting up at 2am to lift the bed so he can jog out and hop onto the bed.
Noodles takes daily naps and he doesn't get them on Saturday's and Sunday's since I'm up and moving and of course he has to follow mom around. Poor little guy is so tired at night on those days. Noodles does have a bed time because he basically shuts down at 8:00 at night and is ready for bed. Of course we do get up at 5:00 to go jogging. It has been really hot here as well, so we've been getting up at 4:30 to take our long jog so he can at least get 1 jog in a day. I feel bad that he isn't getting his 2nd jog in, but it is too warm for him. I too think Noodles sleeps most of the time, but who knows what he does when we are at work.
My dogs sleep more now in the hot weather than any other time. Since they have others to play with they probably don't sleep as much as many corgis.
Personally I don't worry about it too much as long as they're normal mood behavior doesnt change or they dont start destroying stuff haha. Mine usually nap/laze around until we start doing stuff interesting to them and they seem fine by it.

My personal thought is that they're trying to keep their energy up for when we do do something and they never know when that is so they nap when they can! lol
Hey Sam, where do you find all your info?!? Always good. I know that Lucky is awake and up at night, Sonny not so much. Lucky does bark, but he hears the cayotes, etc and responds.

Sonny sleeps much of the day as he is LAZY, Lucky seal walks about when he is not on his wheels. If I boot Sonny outside, he will walk about, and then lay on Lucky's ramp and watch and bark at the birds before sleeping in the son. Sooo. how much do they sleep? I don't know!
@Carol, before going into business with my wife, I used to be a PA half a decade ago. I practiced in a post op / rehab facility under a urologist and an orthopedic surgeon. They were frequent speakers at various conferences, so I had to keep up with the latest NEJM, JAMA, Lancet...etc, making sure they quote from the best accurate studies.
Is he sleeping or resting? I find my dogs in deep sleep almost never, but they will nap a bit. Maddie naps a little more often, while Jack hardly seems to sleep at all; he's my "alert" dog and always needs to keep an eye on what is going on. Sometimes they will just lay there on the floor with their eyes open, chilling out but not exactly asleep. My cat, on the other hand, spends many hours completely asleep, eyes closed tightly and a smile on her dreaming kitty face.

When it's hot, or when it's rainy, a lot of animals instinctively limit their own activity quite a lot, so if he's just sleeping more because of the heat wave I would not worry too much.
He kind of dozes... I've seen him only once in a deep sleep, and that was after a 4-hour beach trip followed by a play date with a rowdy golden retriever.
I find that Lilli is almost never "all the way" asleep. It's as if she's always on duty, ready to react to anything. But she is young still. My old dog doesn't wake up anymore when we come home, or the phone rings, etc. People used to mistake my previous old dog (16 yrs.) for a lawn ornament. But those old guys weren't corgis.

I (almost) learned while assistant teaching middle school science that there are diurnal animals, nocturnal, and then a third category (name forgotten.) This third category includes dogs. They have two sleep times, night and mid-day. So our dogs nap through the day when we are at work. How convenient.

I suspect now that Lilli can only get a sound sleep in her crate, in the laundry room. Tonight I bothered her by running the dryer late at night. She came out to the living room with me. That's when it hit me that she really can't sleep anywhere. Anywhere around us, and she is on duty. She can only nap when we are around. Sleep happens in her quiet crate, alone.
@Beth, yes, cats can SLEEP. At the branch of our shelter that is all cats we come in at noon to clean cages and feed them. They are all up and active and noisy, wanting their food, wanting attention. They get fed, get played with, and promptly conk out. Then the potential adopters come in, looking for a cat, and all we can show them are a bunch of unconscious lumps of fur. These adopters will say, "Oh, I hate to wake her." But the darn cats sleep 23 hours a day! Of course I will wake them to show them off to you! If you're not willing to wake a cat, you're just getting a throw pillow.
"A throw pillow." Haha, that's the truth.


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