megan, is 13, weights 25 pounds, eats 2/3 cups of dry food and a little wet food
Trevor, 2 years, 21 pounds, eats 1.5 cups of food and a little wet food
Abby, 2 years, 19 pounds, eats same as trevor

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Gibson is 1 y/o, 26 lbs and eats a little less than 1.5 cups a day.
LO is 1 eats aprox 1 1/4 cups a day, twice a day. He is 16.5.
I believe there was another thread about this recently. :-)

Jack the Giant Corgi is just over 2 years old. He is 14 inches tall at the shoulder, he gets just under a cup of kibble a day, mixed with green beans, pumpkin, or plain yogurt. He weighs around 39 pounds, and no he's not fat. :-) Two vets, two vet techs, and a Corgi breeder assure me he is not overweight.

He is the Incredible Hulk of the Corgi world.
I understand- Potus is 14.6 kg, or 32 pounds at 10 months. He's not fat either, just long and muscular- although people often think hes fat due to all his fur which frustrates me.
Shippo is 12 inches tall at the withers, weighs 27 lbs, and eats 1 cup a day.
Ein is 19 months old, 19 lbs. and eats 19 (hehe, just kidding) 1 cup + few treats a day.
Tucker is 1yo - weighs 28 lbs and eats 1 - 1.25 cups a day.
Izzie is 7 months, 24 pounds and is fed just under two cups of food a day. I also add in yogurt and a little of whatever we ate for her dinner. I'm at work so I don't know her height, but she is an average height for corgi's!
Conan weighs 38lbs, is 13" tall at the shoulder and eats just under one cup of kibble a day. +/- a few kibbles as treats if we're training. He's another big Corgi like Jack the Giant =) just not as big! We're trying to get him to lose a few pounds though, to around 36 or 35lbs.
Honey is somewhere between three and five years old or so (no way to know, as she's a shelter dog who was picked up as a stray), nineteen pounds, and eats about one and a half cups of dry food a day plus a few treats. I think she's the perfect weight for her somewhat small size.

Hooch is two years old, twenty pounds, and eats about one cup of dry food a day plus a few treats. He's shorter length-wise and a little stockier than a normal corgi as a result of being a puppy mill dog, and as it is he's a little chubby. His ideal weight would probably be more like sixteen pounds or so, I would guess. It baffles me that he's a little overweight, as he gets a ton of exercise and fetches like crazy, and it's not as though we overfeed him.
Potus is 10months and weighs around 14.6kg, which a unit conversion website tells me is around 32 pounds. He's not overweight, but is fully grown at 10months and was the largest in his litter. At the moment he's eating a little less than normal just so he doesn't tip over into 15kg, so he's getting about a cup of dry food a day plus some fresh meat.
Tank (CWC X) is 34lbs, Moira (PWC) is 24lbs, Maddie (PWC) is 17 lbs, Dundee (PWC) is 25lbs, Cody (PWC) is 22lbs. Their ages are 6, 7, 2, 6, 14.


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