Ok so first I would just like to say, I AM going to enroll Chazz in obedience classes but I am curious as to how worth it it's going to be.

Chazz is almost 11 weeks now and at first, it was heaven at first site. He was amazing and very obedient and extremely easy to train. We both enjoyed our training session very much and it looked like there was nothing standing in our way of a perfect relationship. Then week 10 hit us.....

Well lets just say a lot changed (-: He started getting a little aggressive, he would bite everything and all the time, he would start trying to tare our stuff apart, he stopped doing his commands, he started going potty where ever he wanted...the list goes on. Now it wasn't a huge shock or anything. It's not like he being strange....I am guessing this is all pretty normal for an 11 week old pup.

This is when I decided that we should definitely try the puppy classes. My question is will the classes really help with all of these? I mean I know I am only going to get out what I put in of course but if I am doing everything on my part, will they help with his "new habits"?

Thanks everyone for reading!

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They will, if you are open to suggestions for ways of doing things that might be different from what you are doing now. They also help with socialization and stuff. Just make sure the trainer uses positive methods; in a puppy class, corrections should be very very minimal and everything should be upbeat and fun.
yes, but you'll need to observe a few classes by different instructors in your area, see which one you're most comfortable with and their teaching style. But most important thing is keep on practicing at home and take time out everyday to practice, the magic happens when you and your dog are learning and having fun, an instructor is there to observe and show you the ropes. And once you've graduated, go on to more advance classes, corgis are extremely intelligent and they need mental and physical challenges.
I hadn't thought to check on each instructor as well. Thanks! Good advice.
Yes, yes, and yes! I think a good puppy class is worth every penny you spend! The caveat to that is to make sure you get into a good one. Like Beth and Sam said, correction should be minimal and gentle at this age (and, IMO, at any age, but that's just my training style and how I get the best results out of my dogs), and observing is a good way to tell. Also, ask around to people about where they took their dogs and what their experience was like. Good luck!
Yes, classes are always worth it. At 11 weeks you will never get a dog this young perfectly trained...he is just too young BUT it will give you and Chazz many hours of fun and 1 on 1 time. He is a baby and he can't learn everything at once! It will help you learn the best ways to approach some of those issues. Have a great time!
A big YES! If only to give you other people to talk to going through the same things. A good positive instructor will help you recognize things your pup can learn now. If you have a very smart corgi with lots of attitude like my Sparty was it will help you not to get your butt kicked by a puppy! Lol, like I did at first.
It is NEVER a bad idea to do something that will cause you and your corgi to spend more time together! Even if the class didn't teach you anything you don't already know, it will be worth it for the time you will be spending together and socializing with other in your class


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