ok, so as u know i will be going to ,michigan on friday! i am excited but i have noticed somthing about teddy that is starting to alarm me a bit. i know corgis just love to eat but this seems a bit to much. when i get his bowl ready he starts to drool but waits quietly but when i give him the food he rushes and dosnt chew his food at all, to prevent food aggression i would pet him but the one day he did a small growl. i told him no! and took his food away for a few minets to let him calm down. so then i would just put small portions of food in the bowl to have him slow down. he learned quickly that i provide the food so "dont bite the hand that feeds u" so to test him my husband moved his food bowl around and pushed him away. no reaction. so i can pet him and put my hand in his food. the other reason i am doing this is i have a 3 yr old neice and 1yr old nephew. i dont want him to get frightened if they go by him while eating. so far he LOVES everyone. and my neighbor has a 3yr old and she was feeding him apples and she took one from his mouth but he didnt do a thing, he just layed down. and she would continue to do that and nothing happened.  another thing i noticed is after i feed him he acts like i havnt feed him in days, i feed him 1/2cup 3 times a day. so if he still want food when i take him outside he eats these little acorns on the ground, snoopy does it too and they act fine but i dont want to risk it. is there any advice about this food problem? i am very excited to go home but i dont want somthing to happen and my parents make me keep him in his kennal all day, hes my baby. other than that he is the sweetest little guy in the world.


thank you for the help!!!!:) (also i am sorryi f words are misspelled, my computer has somthing wrong with it and messes with what ever i type)

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As far as I know, this is typical corgi behavior. My Waffle even likes to pick up fur blowing around the back yard. The best you can do is to teach him "Leave it" and say it whenever you see him eyeing something like a twig or acorn that he wants to eat. Acorns can be deadly to some dogs, so definitely try to keep him away from those. If you can get to his mouth in time, pull whatever it is out. You certainly did the right thing to eliminate any food aggression. :] But, they're always going to act like they're STARVING and OHMYGOSH YOU HAVEN'T FED ME IN YEEEARS UGGGH. As such, they'll literally inhale their food. You can try to slow him down by putting an upside-down cup in his bowl or hand feeding him.
thank you for the advice:) i really appreciate it! i didnt know that acorns are deadly to dogs. he wont stop eating them! its making me fustrated. snoopy and him wont stop but they seem fine and act normal. i guess i will have to take him to the front yard and the not the back yard. and thanks for putting an end to my worries that i wasnt feeding him enough, he always is hungry lol
Mine are starving a split second after they have devoured their food at the speed of light. Just watch when you feed him so the kids do not bother him. It will only take a second! LOL Corgis really are not prone tp bloat so I would not worry over much about the speed. We feed our dobe in two different bowls to slow her down but they also make special bowls for that. Michigan is getting a winter storm tonight and tomorrow!
lol thats exactly how he is! i wasnt sure if it was normal or not, thanks for the input:) im glad that they are not prone to bloat (one thing i dont have to worry about) i am thinking of getting him a special bowl so he will slow down, snoopy dosnt even get 3 mouth fulls and teddy is finished lol
Saw a video the other day that I thought was brilliant - food spread out in a muffin tin. Little bit in this cup, little in that one...although it won't matter, corgis are always starving and will eat anything.
lol true. they looooove to eat! that is a good idea, i will have to try that
thank you so much for the link and the info. i have used this with snoopy and this does work. he totaly respecs me and always does what i ask, even if he knows hes in trouble. so far teddy knows when i mean it and i want him to stop. i have been working with him with his food, i make him stay and wait for me to fill his bowl and give it to him. for my husband on the other hand...i dont think the dogs respect him. when he gets the food ready they jump all over him and dont do what they are told

and thats so sad that thier corgis didnt want to eat:( is she ok now?
Ein eats very very fast but if I leave the room he will stop eating and follow me lol. He demands that I stay with him while he eats.
lol thats how snoopy is but teddy will not even notice lol


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