Hi everyone...I've been getting lots of good tips from the site and have really enjoyed everything about it, so decided to join and introduce myself...or rather my new puppy!


We picked up our 10-week old female tri fluffy (Isabella) on Saturday and our world has never been the same.  She is a joy!  In true puppy fashion she wants to sleep all day and play all night! The first days we were home all day with her she'd sleep in the living room with us, curled up in a fluff ball behind her food/water bowls, or in a corner next to a couch.  Her crate was there, but she wasn't at all interested in the daytime. Now, I'm back to work so she goes with her crate (open) in her designated safe area.  I figure that way she can go in and out of it if she wants.  She doesn't whine in there at all, only peed on the tile once and was good about peeing and or/pooping as soon as I took her outside.  Both my husband and I have gone home at different times today to check on her and take her out.  Daytime is going pretty well...   


Now, the nights are killing me!  The first night she slept very well.  She only whined/barked for a few minutes in her crate.  The following 2 nights have gotten progressively worse.  I KNOW I need her to learn and am rewarding her for crying if I take her out...I can shove my fingers in my ears, cry and try not to respond, but my family isn't as understanding!  They want to get her and love her so they can sleep.  If anyone has any suggestions as to how to survive the adjustment period I'd be happy to hear them!   

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I[ve covered the crate with a towel and that seemed to quiet the puppy a bit. I've heard (but not tried) a hard rap on the top will also hush them. i think, though, that you just have to tough it out .. Crate training is really worth the trouble. You might look at the FAQ on this site--great info there, too.
I don't know if there is 100% solution to this problem but I treated Twinkie a lot like I did my kids when they were learning to sleep through the night. I would respond to the crying and take her out to potty but I would NOT play with her, smile at her or talk to her (except to say "Go potty). It wasn't very fun for her and eventually she didn't get up in the night as much. It might have just been that she matured a little during that time but it worked for us.
I tried 2 different things with Noodles and the radio worked the best. I tried a ticking clock, but that didn't work, so the next best option was the radio. I turned it down VERY low, but he liked it and started sleeping through the nights. I thought it was because he figured we were still there with him because he could hear people singing/talking/laughing. I sure couldn't tell you what station I put it on, but I wanted it to be soothing music since he was supposed to sleep. He probably slept like that for at least a few weeks.
Your family may want to get her out but you have to make sure they understand that getting her out will NOT stop her whining, it will only teach her to do it.
Congratulations on your new family member! Raising a puppy is a wonderful experience, but also very trying at times! It's good you found this website - it is a wonderful resource to answer all the questions you're inevitably going to have about your little one. We found that draping the crate with a blanket really helped Ginny sleep through the night. I think it made a little more of a cozy cave for her and helped her relax. Good luck!
She is adorable! Good luck with the sleep, you just have to tough it out...
I agree, you really need to tough it out. It can help to keep her awake for a few hours in the evening if she's napping a lot then. Play with her, take her outside, but keep her up so she's tired at bedtime. That way she should fall asleep sooner.

Buy earplugs for the family if they won't cooperate. :-)

When I was young and lived with my parents, we got a puppy and my sister, who was in her late teens, would work til midnight or so at a photo-development place. Well, just when the puppy would FINALLY settle down, she would come home and wake the puppy up. Too many people coming and going made it hard, and my sister complaining she needed to get up for school (college) in the morning made my parents cave.

That dog lived to be 16 and always had to sleep in bed with us. She was also never 100% housebroken. So, be firm, keep the schedule, and after a few nights she'll exhaust herself into sleeping.

Good luck with your pup! She's a real cutie.
Is the crate in a room where she can see her favorite human? Mine always did better if they were in a room where they could hear/smell/see me.
Okay, I am totally in love with my Lilly too. The first 2 nights I had her home were a nightmare, and completely traumatic for all in the house, as she hollered cried screamed for 2 nights. Okay, so I got her a laundry basket, and put it in my bed next to me. Havent had a problem since. When she got out of the basket, I went to kmart of all places and got a pop up dog crate. its really just mesh and nylon with a zipper door. But our nite time routine is we get in bed. She chews on her bone for a while, and when she is tired she goes into the crate and i zipper the door shut. She wakes me up at about 4 am still. If you have the room in the bed, thats what I would do. I also put her ice pack in there, she is hot all the time. So I just put the ice brick into a pillow case, and put it in there. My min pin sleeps in the bed too. So we just share......
Welcome to the site. It's a great place.
When I was training my corgi we put the crate directly next to the bed. When he was calming down for the night we would stick our fingers in his crate. Once he got used to sleeping in the crate then we would stop putting our fingers in and throughout the next few months move his crate further away to where it was meant to be.
It worked great. Eventually he was allowed freedom at night when he was fully house trained.
My two older guys have "bed privileges" but our 9 monht old puppy will sleep in a crate until he's a year, probably, to cut down on social errors and chewing. When we come in from our last outside pee adventure at 10:30, Ben automatically goes into his crate. i think he loves it, it's safe and calm and he can really go to sleep.

So, really, tough it out and this phase will pass just in time for another one to start!


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