Have you ever been asked that? If yes, what did you answer?


I'm thinking about starting to just say "Yes"

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There's 2 types of Welsh corgis...Pembroke and Cardigan.  :)

Aj said it perfectly!

How about Welsh Pirhanna?

great idea!!

I always just say its a pembroke welsh corgi....then people get confused so I  explain the difference. hehe

Same here, then I have to explain the difference between the pembroke and cardigan

I say the same as Aj, I sort of like it that people ask silly questions about them...it means they are interested.

I just had this conversation in dog obedience class last night.  It started with one lady asking what kind of mix Frosty was.  I was like, he's not, he's a purebred, he's really supposed to look like that.  Then the next lady says, well my neighbor has corgis, but they don't have tails.  So I respond, that is because he is a cardigan and those are pembrokes.  So the first lady says, but is he a "welsh" corgi.  Sigh lol.  So I explain they are both welsh corgis, the two types are pembroke and cardigan.  I tell them they won't see cardigans often, but lots of people have pembrokes.  Second lady chimes in again, "oh, but I know lots of people with those."  Me - "Do they have tails."  Her - "No."  Then I have to explain all over again that there are 2 kinds of corgis.  lol!!  Some days I really love explaining about corgis to people, but every now and then, you just get one of those really dense people that aren't really listening to what you are saying.  Then I just want to walk away!

Just tell them he was born that way and he's special. Either that or a print out with pictures and descriptions. It should only take 2 or 3 million of those if they're detailed. LoL

I hate this question.  Every time someone asks me what type of corgi it is, they ask this.  It's rather annoying.  I say "He's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi-- the other type is the Cardigan Welsh corgi". I like your idea of saying "Yes", but I don't want to sound like a jerk.

Try adding a Pembroke with a tail...that really confuses them. The ones that know a little about corgis thinks Sage is a Cardi because of her tail.

Ok, someone correct me if I'm wrong; I know I read this in some commentary or book about the history of the two breeds...I believe that when the AKC initially split the two breeds in the 1930s, there were many Cardigan fanciers who were upset at the decision to name the breeds so similarly precicely because of the confusion it would cause.  These fanciers wanted Cardigans to be named "Welsh Heelers" to make the breed more distinct.  Not sure whether I like the idea that no one would associate Cardigans with the name Corgi (or the Cardiganshire region in Wales for that matter).  Guess we'll just have to go on explaining the difference to humans with puzzled looks on their faces.  :)


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