So in the past we have had strained muscles go on with Midas's various legs from over exerting himself. Not a big deal they heal up in two weeks and are never too hindering. But this seems to be something completely different. Last night we started noticing Midas's back left leg hurting him. He was limping a little and that was about it. We decided to take a shorter version of our nightly walk but first we massaged and stretched his leg like we normally do for a strain. No bad reactions to any of this(it's what our previous vet told us to do for muscle strains). We go on our walk and everything is fine, he isn't limping, nothing out of the norm. Later that evening as we are heading to bed we wake Midas up from sleeping so he can come lay down with us. He slowly stands up and keeps a hutch in his back takes a few steps and sits. It now looks like it is effecting both back legs. He is moving in a very jerky movement. We them tell him to wait and throw a toy and then tell him to go get it. Now this is where normally Midas would go charging even with a muscle strain. But not this time. He ambles over there after a couple times of sitting on his way to get the toy 10ft from him. He ends up not getting it even and just coming back and laying by Zach on the floor. So we decide we will monitor him very closely and see if he improves. This morning was my morning to take the boys out. I had to do it separately because Dozer just got neutered yesterday($225) and is not supposed to do stairs. I take Midas first and have to hook him up while he is still laying on our bed because he won't get up. Normally in the morning he is my shadow, I can't even go to the bathroom without him. I hook him up and he is looking at my like please don't make me do this, I can just piddle in the bed. So I pick him up off the bed and set him on the floor. He sits. I tell him come on let's go potty, he takes two steps and sits and looks back at me with sad eyes. I pick him up and carry him down our 6 flights of stairs and set him on the grass to do his thing. He pees with all fours on the ground, takes a step and sits. I try to get him to walk over to where we normally poo and he won't. So I carry him over there and he finds the perfect spot to do it and then after he is done he decides he can walk. We get all the way to the stairs and he takes a up 3 steps and stops, He's not budging. So I carry him all the way up and now he is laying at my feet like normal. Why is this happening so rapidly? He is only 2 and is always racing us everywhere like it's his job to be first. I would take him to the vet but it seems a little out of our reach money wise because of all the puppy shots and neutering. We will definitely go next week when our paychecks come if this is still persisting. I'm just worried, he's going down hill so quickly. Yesterday afternoon he walked perfectly fine. Wanting to do nothing but play play play. Now he lays down on his side wide awake, not wanting to move, making his alert barks if he hears anything.

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:( I'm not sure what is happening. Could he have twisted an ankle/sprained a knee? Can that happen to dogs? If you put pressure on certain parts of his legs does he yelp? Just wondering if he is in pain or if his legs are not working. Sorry, I can't be of more help. Keep us updated. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts :(
Sometimes a sprain / strain can take several days to recover, monitor him for a few days, if he's still in pain then its time for a vet visit. Get well soon Midas!
Unfortunately it could be a torn cruciate ligament so you will want to keep his activity as limited as possible until you can get him into the vet. My Sparty partially tore his and it sounds similar. We decided not to do the surgery and used medication and limiting the activity for several months. We still limit his fast stopping and starting activity (no ball chasing just catching) but he does well on long walks etc. That was 6 or 7 years ago so if it does turn into something more than a sprain there is hope. For now I would keep him on a leash when he goes out to potty and don't encourage a lot of activity. That will help if it is a sprain also. Good luck!
So we broke down and took him to the vet....they couldn't find anything wrong with him. They did give him some pain pills though for him showing to be in pain. He is good right now. It goes in spurts.
Interesting as this has started happening with my 7 year old can't find anything with him either so him the vet said nothing is wrong or maybe a little arthritis...but he's older. I do notice that he doesn't do this if he's busy doing what he wants to be doing!


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