We just adopted this little guy from the local shelter (brighton, co). The shelter had him listed as a cardigan welsh corgi, he was a stray so there's not history on him other than they think he's about 2 year old. He has a short tail, but I'm not sure if it was docked or if he was born that way. Does anyone know if he's a cardi or pem?




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Looks like a sable Pembroke to me :)
looks like a pem
Just a little side note. When we rescued Teagen she was only four months old. We were told that she was a cardi mainly because she still had her tail. Well I had my doubts because you can look at her and see nothing but pembrooke. We went to a corgi picnic and my suspicion was confirmed.
Another vote for a sable pem and congrats on doing such a good deed!
He looks like a Pem; his ears are more triangular and his build is more slim than most Cardigans. He's cute no matter what he is!
I guess sable Pem. You can check out Sage's pic on my page...he looks alot like her!
Sable for sure! And someone on this forum has a corgi named Templeton-- what a great name! I think it fits your little fellow too.
Either way, he is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Good to know that there are other Corgi people around. I am only 10 miles away in Dacono.

If you are ever interested in maybe doing a little play date thing, let me know! Our guy is 3-4 years old and fixed.

Again, you little guy is SO handsome!!!
Looks like a Pembroke to me. He's very cute!
All Pembroke!
I too vote for pembroke.   His face does not look like a cardigan!  But either way he is sure cute, and happily he found a new furever home!


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