So Tobias has been to the vet at 8.5 weeks and yesterday at 12 weeks, and his weight at both visits seemed pretty low (to me). He was 4.88 pounds at 8.5 weeks and yesterday he weighed in at a mere 8 pounds. I've seen some other corgi puppies (through tumblr) and their weights were much higher, one of them said their 9 week old girl puppy was 8 pounds then, and 15 pounds at 15 weeks.

He eats well and quick, whenever his dish comes out he eats it all within minutes, and where he is so young I don't limit how much he is getting just yet. He also steals the cats food if he ever has access to the area where her dish is (not very often). I feed him 4Health puppy food, and if he gets to the cat's food it is also 4Health, he has tried other dog foods at my family's houses (he's a food stealer). He loves all food! 

I feed him about a half cup for breakfast time, at lunch I give him another fourth cup, and then for dinner another half cup, if he prompts his bowl I do give him more, he is a growing pup after all. Plus, he gets a fair amount of treats since he's training. 

I know my vet didn't mention his size as small, and she has had 3 corgis herself, but she also mentioned that her practice doesn't see many corgis, since there aren't many in the area, and that he was one of the first puppies she has seen in her office. To be fair, he was significantly smaller than his only brother in the litter, but I think his brother was just a monster corgi puppy, he probably weighed 8 pounds at 8 weeks. I'm just concerned that he is not growing at a good rate (although I'd love if he stayed this little forever)

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He's a little small for his age but he might catch up eventually, or he may be a little on the small side as an adult. Did you see his parents? I really wouldn't worry about it too much.

His parents were at the breeders, but he wasn't with them when I picked him up and I was too excited to ask to see them. My breeder wasn't very personable, I grabbed him from the puppy pen, signed some papers and was on my way.

I know this sounds weird but, are you sure that he is the age listed? I don't know if it's the photo doing it to me or not, but the shape of his eyes and skull give me the impression that he's maybe two weeks younger than what's written. Not that it makes a ton of difference obviously, and he could just be a really small guy. Has your vet been able to check his age against his teeth development? Usually that's what will give their real age away.

I wonder if there could be a slight chance of this, given the info on your breeder which does not create the best impression (rushing your visits, not insisting that you meet the puppy's parents, etc). Sounds like a BYB to me, though I can't see why one would risk sending puppies home too early as Maine state law makes it illegal for puppies to be sold before they are 8 weeks old. More reputable breeders will keep them with their mothers until 10 or 12 weeks of age for health and socialization.

Your puppy does look a little younger than 3 months to me too, but like Ludi said I think your vet would be the best judge and probably would have caught something like this on your puppy's first visit to the clinic if it were the case. So if the exams are going well and he is healthy I would not worry. 

He looks precious even if small.

I saw pictures of him at 4 days old, and met him when he was almost four weeks. The other puppies were bigger than him. The first photo in the frame is when I met him, he was three weeks five days, he's on the right and his brother on the left. The second is him at 8 weeks and two days. And the last one was him yesterday at 12 weeks and a day.

The breeder had great references but Ill admit she didn't strike me as a caring breeder. She definitely cared for her puppies and the dogs she had, but she didnt seem to be a people person, and definitely did not have any questions for her customers. She only knows that I am a college student and what city I lived in, nothing about my lifestyle and what I was seeking in a corgi beyond gender and color preference. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my puppy but I wish the breeder had been more helpful.

Ok, he's super cute. He might just be on the small side too. That is OK. Also, from what is on the boards and elsewhere, if he grows up and gains weight slowly, that is a good thing for his long term health.

My puppy was the same way and shes a year old now and only 23 pounds. She ended up being small like her mom instead of big like her dad.

23 #'s at one year is plenty, she will continue to keep growing for another year and fill out!

Dana, my little girl was even smaller than your handsome boy.  He is precious.  She came home from the breeder at 7 weeks and only weighed 3.4 lbs.  At 13 weeks she weighed 7.2 lbs.  We just took her back to the vet last week and at 8 months she weighs 18.2 lbs.  She is such a petite thing, I'm actually kind of glad.  She is very healthy and we haven't had any problems of any kind with her.  Suprisingly her parents were standard size, I guess maybe she was the runt.  If I can remember we were feeding her about 1/3 to 1/2 cup three times and at 6 months we switched to 1/2 cup twice a day.  She also get some treats too. 

My little Chiba is on a similar weight schedule to yours.  At 7 weeks, she was 4.6 pounds.  And at 10 weeks, she was 7.2 pounds.  She'll be 11 weeks on Friday, but my breeder said she would be small in general.  As an adult, she would only be between 21-25 pounds, which is fine for me.  But yes, it seems like your little boy will be on the smaller side as well.

I thought the same about mine for a while too. I have a male corgi and he is now two years and weights about 20-21 lbs, but the Vet says everything is fine.


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