Lazy J Ranch? Think again. A story about a 16 yr old girl who thought she did everything right, finds out what a mistake she made.

I'd like to tell A story to any folks looking to get a corgi, or any dog for that matter. My name is Lydia, and I have always had a deep compassion for animals. If it's legal to own, and not terribly hard to get, I've had it as a pet. Sometimes when your a teen, 16 to be exact, you crave more then a mouse, a reptile, or a cat. I was struggling with the recent death of my sister, going back and forth between parents, and being adopted. I love my parents to death, but unless your adopted you'll never understand the complex emotions that are present, espeshilly with step-parents. As well as the many other emotional stresses that come with the age, I was aide mentally against drugs witch lost me some of my best friends when they decided to dabble in drugs, and I refrained. As well as that I've also struggled with depression, dyslexia, and low-thyroid. I was in need of a companion like no other. A dog. So I researched, and researched, and read, and did more research. I decided a corgi was my ideal pet. Not to big, but a big personality. Not to wild, but enough to get my lazy butt up to care for it. One thing I had not learned, was how to buy a dog... I started at the SPCA, but with three trips and no luck I decided to look on Craigslist for accident litters. No luck there either. Finally I found puppyfind, and happen across my baby... Snickers. Twila was very nice, always got right back to me. But there was an unseen problem. Twila, knowingly or not, is running a back yard breeding program. She doesn't health test, she breeds season after season, she keeps dogs bread by herself, she breeds fluffs, and non registered dogs. She breeds for either cash, or personal enjoyment. Both of witch are wrong. So I get my parents to agree, and off ships snickers. She's beautiful. She's health, besides a tick the size of a penny in her ear. I payed for a purebred corgi, no papers. I didn't know what papers where, so I didn't care. She grew, and I grew, the first questions of her pedigree across when people started saying, oh what a beautiful corgi mix! I contacted twila, and was assured she was pure. So I ignored it. This year I was with a poodle breeder friend of mine and again I was questioning it... Next to another corgi, snickers looks like a mutt. I again contacted twill, threatening a blood test, my theory was her Aussie stud hAd done the job, not Holden. Holden was a red corgi male who was supposedly only 6 months old and that's why there were no papers. But looking back, his picture showed a full grown male dog. None of snickers siblings we're red either, all tri-colored. And her mother was Black and Tan. She admiralty Denys a mistake, but asked I not submit a bloodiest, send her photos, and she would refund my 350$ for snickers. She refuses the admit any wrong on her part, and tried to sell some BS about a stray getting to her and only fertilizing one egg. This is a boldface lie, all her siblings look like her I'm just the only one who didn't say screw it, and I did something about it.
She's still breeding without season breaks for females. Having more then 12 litters a year sometimes. She clams her fluff has never thrown a fluff baby, but nearly half the puppy's he sires are fluffy sand if she can't see it she's lying. There's obviously not daiquiri arrangements for females in heat. I caution anyone who even thinks about going to her, sales people will say anything to sell what they've got. She has had time to learn and change, but she has not. In my mind she is as a bad as a puppy mill and should be avoided.
Do research, follow up, check pedigrees, ask about previous litters, make sure the parents are health tested for things specific for the breed!

You can never ask enough questions and an honest breeder will answer them all without hesitation or excuse! I love my dog to death, but it's a learning experience!

Feel free to ask questions and post your own story's, or comments!

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Your advice is good about doing research before selecting a breeder to buy a puppy from, not only for your own final results, but also in fairness to the dogs being used for breeding.  No one should be supporting a puppy mill breeder, which is what  you describe here.  That said, hindsight is 20/20 and it makes no sense to rant and rave for having hooked up with someone who NOW does not meet your standards.  What you wanted at age 16 was, first and foremost, a companion who  would help heal your heart and fill your emotional needs. That you got.  Stop looking back and trust that the Universe delivered to you just what you needed at the time.  When you get another dog, you will add "good breeder" to your list of requirements.  Such is life! Snickers had a big job to do and you will always cherish him papers or not.

Of corse! She's a great dog. She doesn't bite, doesn't run away when of leash, and she will be starting search and rescue work as soon as I find a perminate residence, my boyfriends joining the marines very soon. I just don't want anyone else to get a poorly bred dog. I also feel so bad for the females in her care. The best thing about it is she will hopefully live longer being a mix :) we did serious looking for our bernese mountain dog breeder, there are tons of Amish where I live now, and because Berners are pricey they started breeding them for money. Also made sure the parents COI was low. So I'm hoping to do therapy in children's hospitals and with the armed forces. :)

The Amish puppy mills are really bad news.  Unusual for puppy mills to keep the large breeds, sorry to hear about the Bernese....

until recently yes. Sadly, they have grown in popularity, and they can chafe in upwards of 1200 dollars a puppy. they can get 2000+ for Newfie's, 700 for St. Bernard's and 600 for great Pyrs... they could make between 10,000 to 18,000 per Newfie litter, that equates to roughly 30,000 a year. and could get well over 150,000 dollars over the corse of the dogs lifetime... the larger dogs have large litters and have a lot of inherent problems so if they have health gaurentees at all they have loophole after loophole, or require ridiculous things from the owner. :( There have been studies that say within the next ten years we could lose a good portion of our dog breeds because of the gene pool being shrunk so dramatically and health problems will make owning certain breeds almost asking for heartbreak. 


SHAME on THE A.K.C.  As the largest registering body, they have the power to set humane standards for breeders and enforce them, as well asto  address problems of guarantees, loopholes etc.  Instead, they just sit by and make money from litter registrations and individual puppy registrations from the likes of the people you talk about, giving an aura of respectability to these people who sell these poor dogs "with AKC papers".

yeah :( its sad. and someday humans will see this, but who's to say it won't be to late? its human nature to not accept something until it has gotten so bad its almost irreversible. well keep destroying the genetics of our beloved breeds and someday when we need a dog to herd, or hunt or farm, we won't have one. 

Several years ago I rescued 4 PWC from a puppy mill! The owner had to give up 30 dogs...I have no clue how many Corgis she actually had. You might be able to check out the Iowa they were called. I did a private rescue and so mine weren't in the 1st 10. I can only imagine the conditions these dogs were in BUT the 4 I got are/were wonderful dogs and 2 have gone to other homes(one is Jackson, Jennifer Markley's dog who belongs to this site) and I kept Teddy and Wiley as I believe along with the vet that they were the most neglected. I am thankful everyday for such wonderful rescues I am able to live with and I think they know they are lucky too.

It's sad to think that there are people out there that don't care about anything but money! Anna is correct...Snickers came into your life for a reason and to fulfill a dream:)  Work on getting her trained for a Therapy's not only rewarding for you but for others too:)

Snickers is sadly not a good candidate for therapy work. She does not like to be touched very much.  my new addition, a Bernese Mountain Dog, will be trained for this. Snickers has shown promise in the field of search and rescue.  My mom lost her dog, ginger at my dads property while walking with us (Ginger is obsessed with water and had gone in search of a creek) i told snickers to "go find ginger" and she waited until i was following, then rushed to a spot, stopped and growled. there was ginger, laying in the creek just drinking the water lol.  Snickers is my baby and is a great dog in so many ways. she can be off leash and not run away, she can do tricks but she is not affectionate, nor does she play nicely with dogs who are not extremely submissive. right now we are doing training to ignore all other dogs since she can't play nicely she can't play at all. :)


Pure or not, I love her all the same. She gave me hope when I had none and showed me even when the world seems dark you can always find a smile in a corgi.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Your dogs are lucky to have found you.
No problem! I just wanted others to know if your buying from them. Everyone deserves to know the good and bad.

By the way, you have excellent taste in dog names.


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