Hello all,
Now, I know we are all responsible Corgi owners, but I wanted to share this with all of you as part of a "wake up" call. I was at the vet's office tonight with Spencer and a man has his Pug in the lobby with us unleashed. The Pug was extremely obedient, but in the matter of a split second managed to dash out the front door of the office and get hit by a car. According to the vet tonight, the Pug has a broken leg and I think is going to be ok, but the lesson learned here is to keep our beloved dogs in our control as much as possible. I witnessed the dog getting hit, and believe me, it is not something you ever want to witness, let alone experience personally. Just my 2 cents tonight.

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Poor pug! I always keep mine leashed at the vet; all the dogs are nervous in the lobby and one never knows what might happen. Thank you for sharing.
I had a girlfriend who's dog was hit and killed by a car like this!!!! How terrible they must have felt! Also we have leashes hanging in the vet office as I think it is required. I can't imagine how awful to watch!
Oh man--that had to be horrible to see! My vet requires that all pets be leashed or in a carrier...
At the clinic I work at we have a sign posted saying all pets must be on leash or in a carrier. We also provide leashes (that the owners can keep) hanging by the front door, loaner plastic carriers or they can buy a $5 cardboard one. Yet with all those options you would be surprised how many people bring their unrestrained pets into the office.
That is sad! My vet has leashes hanging in the entry but he is on a very busy road so the real danger is in the parking lot. Mine are always leashed and my cats are always in a carrier. Sparty minds very well but I doubt he would miss a chance to bolt out of the vet's office!
Poor thing! I can't imagine what it must have felt like to see that, even though it wasn't your dog. I always leash Dax at the vet (everywhere, actually) especially. In fact he's always on a leash and I hold him in my lap the majority of the time. Otherwise I get him to sit and stay right at my feet....a very difficult task around so many other dogs, but he's getting the hang of it. He whines, but he usually stays. He gets a little over excited about other dogs and people. I know he only wants to play, but you never know how the other dog will react.

Thanks for sharing. Luckily I've never encountered an unleashed pet at my vet's office.


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