My wife and I are looking for a Corgi.  Does anyone know of any breeders or rescues near or within reasonable distance to the Western NY area?  Most breeders/rescues are quite a ways away.  Any information would be much appreciated!  Thank you!

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You could look up Corgi Rescues on the internet and see if any come up near you. Maybe petfinder also? Good luck!
I have had really good luck with, I recently rescued 2 purebred corgi's within 2 months and found both on Petfinder, it's a great place to find dogs in need of homes. Good Luck with your search!!
My two corgis came from a breeder in NJ, who has since relocated to NY; not western, they are in Oneida (just east of Syracuse); it's called Stubby Acres Farm; URL:
Good luck in your search!  Don't limit yourself to just your immediate area as I know that there are people who will move heaven and earth (and corgis) to get dogs to new homes.

I live on the other side of Syracuse and, I agree, breeders are hard to come by for the area.  If you're looking for a purebred, then you may want to look at the PWCCA website.  You can search for breeders by state, and there are a couple that are within a 2 hour drive of Buffalo. 


If you don't mind a mix, there are lots that can be found on Petfinder.  There's also a mix named Jessie in Norwich, NY (a bit of a drive, but she is a cutie!)


You might also want to consider having a pup shipped to you.  There are many breeders who will arrange for a puppy to be flown to your nearest major airport.  Our new puppy was shipped to us just this past Friday and we're so happy to have her!  You have to be careful and choose a good breeder, though, so that you get a healthy and well-socialized puppy.

I know of a blue/black cardigan litter that was whelped recently near Albany, but I assume you're looking for a pem?
I also think is a great resource.  They'll list homeless pooches within your area, including those in rescues.  Definitely worth a try.
I found my first corgi in the Buffalo News ads.  The two we have now, came from Jane Christensen in Minnesota.  There aren't too many places near here that breed, but good luck in your search!  We need more members for a corgi labor day parade entry!  :)

I know this is kind of a long drive but she is so darn cute.

Patty can you contact me? Colleen

Check out this breeder/rescue page for the Mayflower Corgi Club.  They cover pretty much all of the northeast.  We got our Max thru them as a rescue who was returned to his original breeder.  We were so impressed with his temperament that we took another of their dogs (Heronsway) that she was retiring.  My two are related.


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