I recently moved into an apartment as I am now attending vet school and I was lucky enough to get one with a little (very little) yard filled in with gravel so I don't have to take the dogs out on leashes for a quick potty break. They also put in a patch of fake grass in the yard for dog owners. I've been hosing it down daily since the dogs are peeing in it and it's just gravel. Does anyone know of some kind of disinfecting cleaner that isn't too expensive that I could use out there about once a week or something?

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I took a look at a web site for artificial turf and they recommend a solution of Simple Green or Nature's Miracle to deodorize their product. They also mention just doing a good hose down too.

I mentioned water and I see that she hoses it daily, but I think I would try more water less often (a thorough flushing once or twice a week rather than a hose on it every day).  

If it has a chance to dry out between waterings, the sun and stuff will help break it down.

Vinegar will do the trick!  Its a fantastic bleach alternative and not a pollutant either.  Dilute with water - 1/2 and 1/2

Since you can use bleach to disinfect a fish tank and to disinfect beer bottles before bottling, so long as you rinse thoroughly, it should be safe.

A really thorough hosing would probably do the trick, though.   Dog pee won't kill grass or plants so long as you water it thoroughly within a few hours.


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