Hey guys!! I was wondering if anyone had come across this situation with their pups..........


Boris is our new one, he just turned 4 months and Lou is 4 years old now.  We noticed that anytime Boris is doing something that he shouldn't, such as jumping on the coffee table, pulling at the furniture etc Lou goes and "corrects" him by barking at him and nudging him to stop without us even doing so. It's so weird!!

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Unfortunately, my corgis seem to keep quiet when the other one is up to no good.  It's almost like one will act like a lookout for the other one and try to warn the offender if they see me coming. And then they get this look on their face like "Oh, I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't!"
My eskimo dog, Yuki (just turned 3), doesn't tattle.  Instead, he simply corrects.  If he sees her trying to get onto the couch or searching my daughter's play table for any reason, then he barks and nips at her neck/ears to correct her.  It's really cute to see.  ;)  He does the same with any dogs that happen to visit, too.
My Princess is a big tattler!  When ever her little brother is doing something she thinks he should not, she barks like crazy then runs in the house to get one of us!
Our 6 year old Chepstow corrects and tattles on Tenby (5 years old) all the time.  Chepstow is a very busy boy because his brother is one free spirited, wild and crazy tri.  Chepstow gets so frustrated with Tenby.........but then again Chepstow is Mr Perfect (he really is).

Scout seems like more of a referee now.  We (yes, Scout and I) adopted a cat.  They nap on the couch together, and get along great.  They don't play, but do acknowledge eachother. 

I just started fostering a dog (a border collie mix--gotta stick with the herding dogs) and Swarley the cat is a little unsure.  If Scout sees that the other dog is looking a little too excited, she will run over with a little growl and distract him (dog) from his interest in "her" cat.

I had a spaniel who would tattle. However, if you check for synonyms for "spaniel", you find "sycophant, bootlicker." My corgi will simply correct bad behavior. Unfortunately, it is bad behavior according to her rules, not mine.
Wynn is the tattletale around this house...but then no one is as "perfect" as he is either!
Nothing like that around here. They just dont tell on each other.
That's so awesome!  You must have done a great job training Lou and making him feel like family for him to enforce your rules.  :)
Scout tattles on the cats sometimes. When Mimi jumps onto the counter to get into butter or something else that smells good to her, he "boofs" at her until she gets down. It's ironic, because Scout doesn't really have a problem with occasionally sneaking a bite of something he shouldn't have either.
Wow! My Male does this also! When he sees our younger female doing something he knows is wrong he will bark and pin her to the floor with his paw. He is gentle but firm. If we are not in the room then he will bark like crazy till we come and see what she is up too. He is definately in charge of her and the Boss! Too cute! I have often wondered if this is a "corgi thing" or if other breeds behave this way too.

HA!  We have this too!  Bear is the king of getting up onto the couch and stealing from my end tables while I'm sleeping in - Goldy takes his betrayal of me very seriously!


She goes down the hall, sees what he's into then runs back to me in the bedroom and does her "Timmy is in the well" bark.  She'll go back and forth constantly until I get up and then she leads me to him.


HUGE tattletail in my house.


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