OK, I tried to go back on old discussions to see if anything would relate, but a lot of it was for indoor problems.

My Rufus has gotten so bad as far as marking things. (just in case anyone ask, he was neutered at 5 months and just turned 2) He does really good holding his pee or going on the paper if he's inside (if he can't hold it anymore) so I don't have any issues with that

However, his marking when on walks is getting so bad. He pees on every tree, trash can, and bush (which is normal)..But he also pees on a single leaf on the middle of the sidewalk, a stick on the side of the grass, anything that's singled out...He also smells places in Petsmart and has to pee next to it, so I feel like I cant take him there anymore either. BUT, recently, he's been trying to pee on people sitting or standing on the grass. I've been able to pull him away (except maybe 2 or 3 times) and say no, but he's so quick to do it, I barely have time to react.

DOes anyone have any suggestions? It's so embarrassing, and he's so quick and discreet about it, I feel like I have to have super quick reflexes just to correct him (which I dont) . I don't want it to get worse (if it isn't there yet) and I don't want to be scared to have him go to other new places when he gets invited over.

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I have 3 dogs that all like to mark. However when we are walking and I feel like they have had enough I just keep walking and they have learned that they will be dragged if they try to stop. An obedience class would probably help a lot.

Welcome to male dogdom!    Both of mine will mark, but my female is more particular about where she overmarks.  The male will mark on anything.  He's not peed on people, but other than that he will mark everything.  Yes, leaves in the middle of a sidewalk count.  And yes that means we don't go to Petsmart.  And when we do nursing home visits (haven't gone in awhile) I need to watch him like a hawk and tell him "leave it" if he starts sniffing.

For marking people, I'd try to find someone to cooperate with me, stage a seen where he's likely to try it, and have them give a very dramatic "Hey!" as soon as he starts to lift his leg.  I would think (could be wrong) that having the correction come from the markee rather than the handler would make a bigger impression on him.   Yours is certainly not the only dog to do this; lots of people have had their shoes peed on at some point by an overly enthusiastic marking dog. 

And like Bev says, mine know that they will be moving off owe way or another when I decide it's time to walk.  For Jack, this sometimes means he gets dragged making grunting noises....

Thanks, He does really good with leave it, I should definitely try that on random things...It's just he does it so smoothly and quick it's catching it before he does it that I will have to practice on...

And I would love to take him to nursing homes since he loves the older people, BUT...the marking problem is the issue :(

OMGosh ya'll Solomon will mark too but we get so tickled at him when we see that he has finished going potty and he is doing the marking thing he will lift that leg and squeeze just enough to cover the head of a pin!  Its so funny we watch and nothing comes out!!!   I guess this is the world of a boy dog!!

Obedience class will probably help to a degree.  Yuki likes to mark, as well, and he started at 1 year old (7 months after his neuter :/ )  I've learned to let him sniff a few trees at the beginning of the walk, but if I see any sign that he will mark then I correct him and immediately start walking, even if that means he gets dragged away from the tree.  Once he has had his chance to sniff around, then the rest of the walk is purely business.  I do not allow him to wander around off of the sidewalk.  If his attention starts to wander too much and it looks like he might try to mark something, then he gets called (or sometimes pulled) back to my side and it's right back to business.

At 3 years old, he has long since gotten the message that walks are about walking, not about marking territory.  I rarely have to correct him and he's usually focused on the walk after the first 5 minutes or so.  I expect it might be a bit harder with a corgi, since their noses are so close to the ground, but hopefully the obedience class will refresh his training and get him to pay attention to you and your corrections.  The goal is to get him focused on following you and your commands so that he ignores that leaf on the sidewalk or that blade of grass that sticks up 1" taller than the surrounding grass.  ;)

I should add that if one of mine marked on me or too close I would throw such a dramatic, loud fit (no physical punishment) that they would think twice before doing it again. Sometimes you have to over do it a little in order to get your point across. I would do the same thing if he did it on some one I was talking to.

Do you use NILIF? There are some good discussions about how a dog needs to know you are in control or he/she will act up.  If you click on members at the top of the page, then forum, then in the search box type NILIF you will get a bunch. Here is one.


Good luck.

You have a very dominant dog, this is not, in itself, bad, but he needs to have clear limits set by you.  When you first go outside, take him immediately to an area where he can pii and walk him on a long leash for a short time in that general area, so he can get marking out of his system.  Then continue your walk, with the dog on your left side on a SHORT leash.  Keep as much to your right as possible.  When you pass a fire hydrant, come to a stop, let out the leash, tell him "OK, you can potty" with whatever term you want to use, in an up beat tone of voice and allow him time to check out the smells and mark to his content.  Any other attempt to mark on your walks should be stopped IMMEDIATELY with a NO! and making him sit before resuming your walk.  Once your walks have gone well for two or three weeks and you yourself feel confident about your degree of control over the marking, then try PetsMart for a very short time on a day when there are not likely to be many dogs there.  Build gradually on success and don't let down your guard.

I'm with Bev Levy if he did that to me.  I used to train with a friend that  had an intact, very dominant, male Schnauzer who would occasionally mark his owner or other people.  My friend would be annoyed, but would then laugh at it.  When the dog did that to me, I not only yelled at the dog, but told my friend ( who happened to be a guy ) that, if that ever happened again, I would personally castrate the dog!  It was in jest, but they both got the message and it never happened again though we met regularly for years.  Ah, the good old days! :-)

THank you all, I will have to try whatever I can that you suggested.


I did go to Petsmart for the first time in a while, even though it wasn't in the same city I normally live in, kept Rufus on a super super short leash as in he couldn't leave my side. I made sure I said leave it when his nose was on the floor longer than a few seconds. He didn't mark anything, but then again he didn't get to move an inch away from me.

(Strangely, the doggy classes were going on, and ALL the pet owners and their doggies were learning leave it around the shop). We probably blended right in...

BUt, we made it out without a single pinch of pee...I suppose one step at a time is all I can do...one step at a time. I welcome all the suggestions


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