We had a litter of Corgi pups born in our home just this last Dec.  We sold one of the pups to neighbors close by.  They call her Mattie Jo.  Well, about 4 weeks ago  Mattie Jo's dad came to visit us and brought her with.  She was so scared she was shaking. She'd been with her new family for about 5 weeks.

They came into the house and I let her run around the house to check it out.  It wasn't five minutes she came running into the office where we were visiting with Mattie Jo's "dad" excitedly barking and trying to jump in my lap...I picked her up and she was licking my face like crazy and giving me her "love bites" on my neck.  Crying, whining, yipping...it was amazing...it was like the light bulb turned on and she remembered where she was.  Amazing.  Since then her "parents" have moved closer and Mandy and I went to visit them and Mattie was the same way, she remembered who we were and rolling on her back, wanting her belly tickled, crying, yipping, whining.

What was so amazing to both Scott, Mattie's dad and myself is that with her first trip back to her roots she just had to check out the house for a short time and the light turned on.  Just like that.  I've never seen anything like it. Another note: Mattie Jo's dad said he wished he had a Corgi 15 years ago. He loves her to death.  I also told him when they bought her they would never want another breed of dog.  He agrees :)

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I am another one who is fortunate to see some of my past babies and even get to "doggie sit" one. It's so fun watching them grow and seeing how well they are doing! Glad she got to visit! I have also gotten the comment about wishing they knew about Corgis years ago:)
What a cute story! My Sparty reacts very strongly when he sees someone he likes that he hasn't seen in a while. It is funny to see how touched some of my friends and family are when he does it. I am sure they feel very loved as I do every day with corgis in the house.


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