Corgis are usually happy bright rays of sunshine, but Dante has me so frustrated. I've been sitting here with my head in my hands trying to decide what is best at this point. He got attacked two separate times by stray dogs in the neighborhood (his outside time has been strickly monitored since then), and ever since, he's developed severe aggression. We made huge progress with him (lots of training, therapy, and positive socialization), but lately he's regressed so much that it's almost like he's a wild animal. I'm covered in huge scratches right now because I had to forcibly pull him off of one of my other pups :( I can't rehome him, because in this area it would be a bait dog death sentence! And knowing aggressive he is, I wouldn't be able to send him off with someone with the chance that he could hurt them. I love this dog to bits, but I am seriously bleeding right now because I had to get into the middle of a dog fight. He almost got one of my kids several times in this altercation so now I am genuinely scared.

3/11/14 Update:

After having an enlightening conversation with a rescue lady and a lot of talking, rationalizing, and crying, we decided that letting him rest would be the best and safest option. It was pointed out that the longer we spend trying options with only a slim possibility of helping, is just that much more time that we risk him seriously injuring someone or one of the other dogs. And as many times as the houdini sneaks out of the house we are endangering the kids in the neighborhood too :( So my husband took him to go to sleep today. I wish I could say I was strong enough to be there at the end, but I couldn't bear to be there and stayed home with the kids.

I appreciate the kind words and suggestions from everyone. I wish we could have found the perfect solution for him, but sometimes being sick isn't a physical illness that can be cured or fixed. He has obviously been mentally unwell for some time now, but he's finally getting to sleep peacefully without bother from whatever "demons" that have been haunting him.

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Sure you can no doubt - but just because it's a Corgi doesn't mean it's gonna be good with cats and other dogs and small children.  It's just not true in fact most Corgi's I know and meet just aren't that way.  Corgi's are wonderful dogs but that's not their strong suit.  Seems to me it would be much easier finding a Shelty (if one wants a herder) that would be good with other dogs, cats and small children.  

What really bothers me is seeing Corgis no longer wanted because people who bought thought they were gonna be a different than what they got..

"What really bothers me is seeing Corgis no longer wanted because people who bought thought they were gonna be a different than what they got.."

I get the feeling you are insinuating something about my situation and if that is the case I am going to be very unhappy. This isn't a case of just misunderstanding a breed and dumping a dog I don't agree with. That is so far from what my situation is!!

No Rachael I'm not insinuating that at all.  I thought about clarifying that with a comment in my last post and now see I should have.  

I commented on your vicious/dangerous dog situation at the top of this thread - the conversation diverged a bit and for that I apologize.  My comment to Anna is more about character of the breed in general.  For the most part it is something different altogether from your dangerous/vicious dog post above.

oops, I apologize then!

I would love for you to meet my Corgis.   They may chase strange cats, but are good with their own.  As barn dogs, in fact, being ok with their own cats would have been a requirement.  

Shelties are sweet but are often too soft for rambunctious or noisy lifestyles.   And I know more than one that is afraid of other dogs. 

My Jack is absolutely bombproof with other dogs. We live by a busy park and have met hundreds. Maddie is also good though she does not love every dog she meets like Jack does.

Adult corgis tend to be territorial and can be suspicious with anything new. So if they don't meet lots of dogs when they are in the critical socialization window , they might have issues. If they are socialized, most are somewhere between fair and excellent with strange dogs , though they can be pushy and "the fun police" so dog parks may not be the best choice. They can also nip other dogs hard in play.

I love it - "the fun police"!  LOL - you bet when we're around the playing dogs become the "game".  For some reason they feel compelled to put an end to the fun.  Mine are fearless, bossy, barky and pushy (yes they physically push) nippers - for the most part harmless but you are correct about the dog park.  Last thing I want is some guy with a real vicious dog to be telling me my dog started the fight - and in some ways he would be right.

It's actually kind of funny watching them to try to be submissive to other dogs - it's so awkward it just doesn't seem to be in their nature. 

@ Vicky,  Mowgli is a Cardigan, he loves everybody, dogs and people.  As far as getting young dogs socialized to children, if you have none, regular visits to a playground with a pocket full of treats works wonders.

I agree that parks and playgrounds are great.   Since socialization is occurring before the pup has manners, I used to crouch down and sort of hold Jack steady for young kids, and I always gave full disclosure to parents that he was a puppy and still sometimes jumped or used his mouth, so they could decide if they wanted their kids in that position.

I physically held him in a way that he had to keep four on the floor.   He is always gentle with children and we have none of our own.

Maddie came to us at four from a show breeder, and she was beautifully socialized, including with kids.  The breeder we got ours from waits til pups have first rounds of shots, then puts them in crates in her van and takes them to the parking lot of a store for kids to play with.  She (the breeder) also handles her pups from birth to accept the sometimes rougher grabs and touches of young kids.  Breeders like that are worth their weight in gold....

Interesting discussion, I also want to re-enforce what Beth said about some of these issues being inherited or at least the tendency towards dislike of other dogs. Corgis were used for many purposes on the small farms including keeping critters out of the garden so it makes sense that there was some selective breeding for a more territorial dog. Some lines still carry it today. This dog was attacked twice which unfortunately can make the most passive dog unpredictable. It is a very sad situation however you look at it and Rachael probably needs our support.

Of my corgis I have had one that loved other dogs, one that was frightened of them and one that had no interest in them. Mine were all Pembrokes and I think they are generally a little more sociable than the average Cardigan. Dog aggression can be inherited but it sounds as if this dog is reacting to the attacks. Sometimes there is very little the average person can do to improve this. Rachael will, I am sure, do whatever she has to to keep her children, dogs and others safe as she is now aware of how severe this problem is. Honey, I am so sorry you and Dante are going through this. Just be as safe as you can, you are the only one that can determine if you can keep him from hurting anyone. We all have opinions and not the problem. :)

Well said Bev...yes, Rachel...we do want to be supportive!

Bev, I love how you are always such a voice of reason! I'm waiting on the rescue I contacted to email me back, but I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to be told since he does have a bite history. My husband has Monday off of work, so unless I hear something uplifting during the day I think we are going to take him in and have the inevitable done. I was scared when I initially posted that this was going to turn into a huge bashing and that I was going to be verbally ripped to shreds, but I am instead thoroughly grateful for most of the advice, all the kind words, and the reassurance that I really needed.


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