I'm going to document Mocha's bucket list,  a photo will be posted as I complete each one :) Feel free to suggest one for us!

1. Eat lots of homemade waffles

2. Riding shotgun instead of the cargo hatch

3. Free Massage, no tricks required.

4. Take a family portrait 

5. Pick on big dogs at the park.

6. Eat Pizza - Like a boss.

7. Go camping

8. I'm on a boat

9. Eat BBQ Fish, Beef, Chicken and Sausage

10. Eat Cheetos

11. Sunbath at the lake

12. Bacon I love you

LAST UPDATE: July 30th 8:46pm
I was cooking some chicken for Mocha this afternoon, Mocha came by and slept on my foot. I gave him a neck massage as usual, he took his last breath after several minutes. I held him in my arms for 2 hours, waited for my wife to come home. All the family members said their goodbyes.
It was peaceful, his eyes were open, with a smile on his face. I'm happy that his last moment was spent with me, it was all I ever prayed for.
I am lost for words right now, forgive me for taking some time off. Thank you for allowing me to share his stories with you.


The update continues on another thread... Aug 1st 5:58pm


Thank you so much for all your messages, our phones were beeping non stop from notifications. Your words brought tears to our eyes and we are filled with love.


I took Vienna to the vet yesterday, the cytology result came back today, she also has stage 5 Lymphoma. So this thread will continues and I'm starting another bucket list for Vienna as well.

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Your family portrait is beautiful. It made tears well up in my eyes. Thank you for sharing, Sam

Aww love the portrait!  And don't forget a corgi favorite..being fed from the table.

I don't know about you, but I like taking a nap with Yoda snuggled at my side.  You must try that before you don't have a chance.

I hate to copy what everyone else has said, but it's true that your family photo did bring tears to my eyes :') I'm not sure of anything to add to his list because he seems to have lived and continues to live one of the happiest lives that any corgi could dream of :)

Your family portrait is really perfect, it brought tears to my eyes.


I'd suggest a delicious vanilla ice cream cone, eaten outside on beautiful day. Or a big bag chock full of tennis balls to chase!

(and your wife is adorable in those slippers, btw!)

Beautiful Family portrait :).As a fellow person who has gone thru the tribulations of an ailing relative and a pet (fur baby) with a terminal illness,My heart reaches out.I will add You All to My 7/7/7 list.Please know We All on here are always ready to take the time to listen and of course console.I found during the 5 years this was going on with Our Family,there were many moments that I remember now that I can cherish.It stayed raw for awhile,and then I could look back and smile.Prayers for Your Family.

Oh I LOVE the family portrait! Hunter's favorit thing is steak - a BIG steak - rare please. Pipin loves hanging out with us outside at a campfire. Tanner loves to be allowed to go out the door first - even before me. He will turn and look at me as if to say, "See, today I am pack leader!"

Sending Corgi love and strength.OXOXOXOXOXOX Caryl, Hunter, Pippin, and Tanner

so sweet he sure is lucky to have such good parents :) and I say he should never have to hear the words no ever again :) so yes to all the yummy things he wants to eat , thats a corgi's dream :) what beautiful pictures :)

This brought tears to my eyes... so amazing :)

Your family portrait is beautiful, and those waffles look absolutely delicious.  

I hope I'm never put into this situation with Waffle simply because I have no bucket list ideas whatsoever. :|  

I took it upon myself to send an official thank you from my little family to yours.  I think Mocha should know how important he is in the big scheme of things as part of his bucket list!  Praying for you guys. 


How about a favorite beach or forest? Picnic there.  If you want food items, tripe and blueberries for desert!  Sure to delight any corgi!

p.s. The tripe smells horrible, but I've heard that no dog can resist!


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