hey there, so the lease on our house is up in july and my little family are moving into a nice and big apartment. it had 3 bed rooms and i think the fur kids will like it, especially since we are making one of the rooms into a play room for them lol the only down side is that exercising teddy wont be as much now that its a smaller neighbor hood and its really hot out. when i walk around the complexes u are done with in ten mins lol so that definitely isnt enough for him. luckly they put are place right next to the picnic area so im hoping they will let us play with out his leash if no one is there (doubting it tho:/)  so i was hoping for  some ideas to exercise him more and things to keep him busy (i have lots of toys, such as kongs and raw hide bones) another problem wich he has had ever since he was little is...if he isnt comfortable he will not poop, i know is gross but im not sure what to do about this problem. he wont go for long periods of time unless he cant hold it no more. im scared he will be stressed in the new place and poop in the house or if it will take tons of time for him to go and by that i mean standing outside for and hour waiting(rain or shine!) treats have not worked or praise. its just one of those things, unless he wants to he wont go or will poop a  little and then hold the rest( ugh) but also i was hoping for things on keep my kitties busy, we have a sun porch here but in the new appt. there isnt one:( we are gonna get them a cat tree but i dont wanna stress them out.

we are so excited about this because we can paint the walls! lol and its will be a nice neighbor hood with no idiots for neighbors who cant just tie their dogs outside for them to bark all day (thats the main reason we r moving plus, being in the military they pay u to live off base and since are rent is only 700 and we get paid 1200, we make some money lol)

thank u!! once we move in i will post pics:), we will be moving in on the 1st of july

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If you will have one room for him then I think you can come up with lots of games to keep his mind and body healthy.
Long walks are the best way to get a dog to do his business. I trained mine to go on command so that when it is pouring I don't have to stay out so long. Just say your command ( I use "go potty") as soon as they start to squat. Do this regularly and it really helps when you are at a strange place or the weather is not great. Fetch is a great indoor exercise!
i agree, he loves it, i have to say thats his favorite thing to do lol. he does know what go potty is but some times he wont do it on cue if hes not comfortable. he will do it in are yard but not anywhere else:(
How Fun! Does the complex have stairs and hallways(with air) that you could go up and down for a little more exercise? If it's hot maybe just more often instead of longer? I also wonder if canned pumpkin would help his pooping problems???

Good luck...how exciting!
thank u:) it has an upper floor but we choose the bottom that way he dosnt hurt his back going up and down the stairs. if it does get bad and he wont go i will probably have to use this method, i hope he gets over this some time! he has been like this since i got him lol i have never seen a dog act like this lol
Remember...he's a corgi...they have their own set of corgi rules...hehe!
very true lol all though he is a very quiet boy and does what he is told:)...except this issue haha
I live in a condo and we're moving into my first house this week! Having lived here with both of my corgis for over a year, I have found one of my favorite ways to tire them out is to wrestle with them on my bed. I pull the blankets up over my head and they "save" me from the "rubble." They love to run around the bed and dig at the blankets! We have tons of fun, they bark and dig and roll over my head. Afterwards, they crash.
awww! so cute! we use to that all that all the time when are other dog was alive, they both had so much fun trying to "save us) lol he kinda does it now but hes been ripping the blankets haha! but i will have to try again soon. i know what u mean about getting a house:) its so very exciting and congrats!!, im just scared he will be like "hmmm the living room was bigger, where am i?" i hope my fur kids will adjust to it. its not small but not as big as are place now. its pretty roomy and has that comfy feeling to it lol
They will settle in, once you settle in. I find that they can sense our feelings and emotions, so when we're stressed from the move and all it entails, they are stressed too.

Oh and I wanted to add, for walking variety since you don't have a lot of walking space, walk around the buildings, not just on the sidewalks. We take two walks a day - our morning walk is around the development on the sidewalks, so the doggies can smell all the exciting messages left for them by other doggies. Then our night time walk is in the grassy areas around the buildings - not so much walking with purpose as just wandering around.

Good luck in the new place!
thank u:) i talking to the owner of the place and said if no one is in the tennis court i can take him in there and we can play. she understood since she has a dog too. i also love the fact that she said in the area that i will be living in that i can let him off leach in the grassy part to play(as long as i clean up after him) lol
We live in an Apartment, and I use the tennis courts all the time to exercise my two, just be careful because the ground is textured it wears down there nails to the quik fast and it tears up there pads.

Shelly has a ton of energy, so I got her involved in some doggie sports (agility and sheep herding) it helps her to calm down a lot!

And just be careful letting him off leash, I dont know about the dogs at your place but some of the ones at ours arent very nice, and because Shelly doesnt have the best recall I dont let her off leash unless its in a fenced in area.


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