I never realized just how responsible my boys were until this week.  Last week I had a full knee replacement. Since returning home from the hospital this weekend they have selfishly taken time from their busy schedule to sleep on the bed next to me while I spend hours attached to the CPM (knee bending) machine.  They help clean every dish (empty or not) so Dad has an easier time in the kitchen. They follow me and the walker around the house and encourage me to test my balance skills at the two cookie bowls we pass. They help with my physical therapy by helping me move my good and bad leg to get around them in bed. My boys, without them who knows how long my recovery would take.



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My Tenby has finally figured out how to use my 2 hours hooked up to the CPM (knee bending machine) to his advantage. As soon as I am all hooked in and flip the switch he jumps up on the bed next to me with that poor mommy, I will sit next to you look.  After about 5 minutes he flips on his back, looks up at me and says, since you aren't doing anything, could you scratch my belly. If I quit to soon I get some corgi back talk about, scratch more!!

I can just picture this...they sure know how to take advantage of the situation and make it look like they are so caring:)

Jack tried laying on top of me when I had the flu last year, but between the 103 fever and the body aches that was NOT the most helpful thing!   He is always right there when I'm sick, even though he's not normally a cuddler.

Maddie, bless the empty spaces between her ears, does not know the difference between sick and well.  :-)   But she's always a sweetie anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

Beth....Maddie and Katie must be related!  The only thing between Katie's ears are pretty brown eyes.

Yesterday was my 2 week check up with my surgeon.  I was very relieved that he said I was doing well with my PT. He said I looked good and asked how I was handling my recovery.  The only words that came out of mouth were my two corgis. They have licked my tears, been close when I need some love and cuddles and as always make me smile and laugh.  Tenby has always been so in tuned to my emotions it has  always amazed me.  Chepstow has "the beautiful brown eyes" but is always near by.  Of course Roger has been a great nurse, cook and housekeeper and has been able to play at least 9 holes of golf ever day.


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