My sweet 13 year old corgi Bear was attacked by a neighbor's dog while we were about to step out for our morning walkies.  The other dog broke her lead, ran a half block and tried to take Bear down in our own driveway.  She was so forceful that she pulled Bear out from his collar.  Thank God for the Corgi ruff and the fleshy "waddle" on his throat.  Bear has survived a six inch wound and whiplash.   My other two corgis were quickly and safely stashed away in the house - but Bear, just a little slower, did not make it to safety on time.  Prayers for all corgis in distress and their owners who love them...  Nancy

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I'm sorry it happened. Positive thoughts headed your way.

Oh jeez! I hope he is ok! I also hope you call animal control and report your neighbors dog. That is not cool and in all honesty your neighbor should be held liable for the injuries their dog did to yours. Nobody should have to be in fear of this happening again. I really hope Bear gets better quickly.

My neighbor did throw himself down upon his Labradoodle while she was mauling Bear to quit the attack.  He immediately drove me to my vet and paid the initial surgery bill.  I feel guilt because I feared putting my own body into the fight.  This was the fifth dog attacked by his dog.  Bear is "stymied" but recovering well.  He is a strong old man.  James City County does not not act upon dog on dog attacks - only if humans are involved.   The throat drains were removed two days ago.  My fluffy corgi Linus sleeps alongside the x-pen - but I cannot introduce Bear back into the pack until the wounds are a bit more healed.  The other two corgis might try to clean the wounds and Bear may not take to that very well......yet.  Thank you for the prayers.  Nan 

There has to be something you can do. Obviously this dog is a problem. It's not fair to everyone else that their pups get injured and mauled because of one dog. I'm just saying that it's a problem and it keeps happening by the same dog. Then your neighborhood needs to act on it. Either by going to the police or your HOA or something. I would just hate to see another dog get injured or worse.

And yet he has it in public with no muzzle and on a plain leash?    I don't understand how people work.  In all honesty if my dog were so violent towards other dogs that he went out of his  way to find dogs to attack, and broke equipment to do so, I'd probably  have it put to sleep.

I'm SO sorry.    Poor Bear!

How dreadful! Poor Bear ,I  hope he is recovering quickly. Must have been terrible to witness such a thing  Blessings to you and yours. Abbey sends corgi hugs.....

Oh my, how horrible! Glad the dog owner "helped" but he needs to have better control over his dog. Sending healing thoughts Bears way (and yours)! I would think with the kind of damage this dog has done something should be done by authorities. Next time she could kill her victim:(

We just experianced an attack by a dog too. Fortunately neither of my dogs were hurt. However, even though the people obviuosly felt terrible I still question that they allow their dog to be so aggressive and able to escape. I guess all you can do is be very careful when by that house. Shame on your nieghbor!

I am so sorry that you and Bear went thru this!  What a frightening thing for both of you.  I'm glad the other owner took responsibility for the vet bill but he needs to take responsibility for having an aggressive dog and do whatever is necessary to prevent his dog from attacking again.


I am shocked that the police or animal control do nothing!  Next time it could be a person..a small child.  I don't know the type of political makeup of your area but most have some type of districts where there is a representative to the whole working body.  I would contact whoever represents you...and maybe get the others who were also attacked...and make a formal complaint about a dangerous dog.  Be a very squeaky wheel until you get the grease.

I dislike walking my dogs in my neighborhood, it has gone downhill over the years we have lived here..we are on the edge of a drug district in my city.  No surprise that there are a huge number of pitbulls that are not the sweet dogs that pitbulls can be but dangerous ones.  Things like Mace are illegal in NYS but I carry a small can of a room freshener spray.  May sound wimpy but a good stream of that in a dog's eyes is going to stop him.  Anything like that would work...spray deodorant would work.  Your dog would probably get hit too but the eyes will clear and it's better than having him mauled.

I just read that someone was told to carry wasp spray with them.  It's kind of a big can but you can shoot it from a farther distance.  I also carry an umbrella that pops open. I'm hoping it would be enough to startle another dog and put something between us and the aggressive dog and maybe redirect their attention enough for me to escape or spray the dog with my pepper spray (or wasp spray).

pepper spray is not a neurotoxin; wasp spray is.

I didn't understand your comment John - would that be a good thing or a bad thing.  

I have pepper spray which I carry with me on walks.  I have an organic wasp spray which I don't plan to carry unless I start to see a bigger problem in our neighborhood with aggressive dogs (the can is too big to carry around easily on walks).  I don't remember where I read the suggestion but I thought it might be a good option but maybe not . . .


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