So Solomon is 4 years old, way past the puppy stage.  I had suspected that he was doing this but I saw proof this morning.  I was taking a shower and heard strange noises, I thought ok whats broke now, when I got out of the shower I still heard the noise, peeped out in the hallway and say Solomon chewing on the side of the night stand.  Wood all over the floor where he was pulling the wood off in little pieces.  My question is what would make him do that?  His teeth are pearly white, he gets plenty of bones to chew on, he gets loads of attention and he is not teething!!!  I immediately told him he was a bad boy and scolded him profusly and felt bad when the ears went back.  See Solomon has no shame or guilt for the things that he does bad, he is just carefree but this time he went into ears down, tongue running out and the big eye thing.  Is he lacking something nutritionally?  Any help is always appreciated. 

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Baron likes to chew the linoleum floor, even when I'm there working on my computer.  He has chewed 4 pairs of shoes and will also take socks out the the hamper to chew if top is left open. He also gets enough attention and obviously well fed.  He is now 18 months old and has finally started to slow down on the chewing. Good luck.

See that is the thing, he has already gone thru all that he is 4 years old.  He won't chew on anything else that is not his.  I have a pair of shoes that I always leave by the door and he has never touched them.  When I first got him he shredded magazine left on "his" couch, but nothing else.  I think its bad for them, that wood can not be easy to digest!!!!!


Has he been getting enough exercise maybe? Sometimes dogs are just naughty lol.

My guess is he's mad he can't take a shower with you.

My guess is also, the excercise.  Attention and exercise are two different things.  He needs to burn some energy.  :)  When they are bored, they will become destructive.  Not sure, why he is just picking on the wood night stand.


When you can't supervise him, can you crate him, even though he is older, it may help.  The more they get in a habit, the harder to break. 

Get some bitter spray from the pet store. I forget the name of the stuff I used. It was an all natural product. The dog wont like the tast of the stuff, be careful not to touch your own mouth before you wash it..nasty.

Also, there are many toys out that you can add a treat inside that will keep them occupied until they get it out. We went a cheap way (if you call it cheap) by taking the balls that came on the rope after the dog chewed the rope off and fill it with a bacon treat and a milk bone to hold it inside.

Usually it is a combo of not enough exercise and not enough good things to chew on. I have cow bones that the dogs like and Kongs that I put some spray cheese in when I am leaving the house. Exercise is really important since he is still a young dog. Playing fetch or walking for 45 to 60 minutes twice a day is important. A tired dog rarely thinks of doing bad stuff when you are not watching.
Does your corgi have a lot of toys available for him to chew? My corgi used to tear up the bottom corner of our couch and even the wall. His addiction to chew has eventually gone away when he grew out of the puppy stage. Although, we did start to notice more chewing problems even when he was older, similar to your dog. He tore his bed, blanket, and started to chew on anything he laid on at night. I found the reason to this was because he wasn't getting enough daily exercise. As soon as the 30 mins walks and 15 min fetch games kicked in he stopped chewing on his bed. I think your corgi just isnt finding enough work or exercise and is just releasing his energy and frustration on your furniture. I hope this helps in some way at all :)
Sometimes they just do it because they can... he may have been waiting there for you to come out of the shower and it just seemed like something to do. You can paint that small area with Tabasco. Place the Tabasco on an old toothbrush ( careful not to get it on your hands as it will sting the eyes if you forget and touch them later).  After you do this - the dog will probably be watching - let the dog approach the toothbrush and tell him no as he gets close enough to smell it, but not touch it.  He will associate the smell of the Tabasco with your warning. If he ignores that later, the Tabasco on the wood will sting his tongue, but not harm him.  You can re-paint the corner once a week until he's not shown any interest for awhile.
Jennifer very funny with the shower thing!!!!!  That would just be too funny.  But I take Solomon out to play fetch the squeeky tennis ball every other day.  He get a walk, maybe not long enough.  He went to work with me on Friday and my bosses 3 years son came to meet Solomon.  Wish I had of brought a camcorder, Solomon herded Garrett for at least an hour.  Garrett found it extremely funny that a little dog would run him around in circles and nip at him.  By the time that Solomon got home his tongue was hanging out sideways and he pooped out right after dinner.  Maybe I need to put some bitter spray on the night table and give him even more exercise.  Thanks for the suggestions ya'll. 
When I first got Marcus, I didn't want to be replacing chew toys every few days, so I got him all hard things - deer antlers, nylabones, elk antlers. He was alright for a few days, but then he started chewing on wood dressers and mouldings when we would briefly leave him alone. On a whim, I got him a "squishy" bone to chew on, and a rope toy as well. Ever since then he has stopped. I think that they like having different "textures" to chew on - some days Marcus wants the challenge of something that doesn't have much give to it, somedays he needs something he can sink his teeth into. I think part of the fun sometimes for him is feeling like he's causing destruction.
I would try gving him plain brown cardboard boxes to chew. They have a similar crunchy give to wood.


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