I'm wondering if anyone has experience with their corgi being very nervous and always on alert in public. In the beginning I was working often and did not have the time to socialize her, so I am paying the price for that. But I also wonder if she will learn to adjust by taking her out more often. She enjoys getting out, but wants nothing to do with anyone or any dog for that matter when we are at dog parks. Cali seems to just look at the other dogs, sniff a few times, but only plays when they are at home, in her territory. Any suggestions would help as to how to get her out of her shell. Oh, I've thought of giving her flaxseed oil for her coat, has anyone had positive experience with this supplement?


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Hi Ian...how old is Cali now? Sidney was shy (especially with people!) but got better with time and exposure. He's 2 yrs 3 months now.

We don't use flaxseed oil but do squeeze two fish oil capsules over his dinner. It seems to have helped his itchy skin.
My corgi is only nervous in public around other dogs. She's great, if not too overexcited, around people, but she's scared out of her mind of other dogs.
Maybe you can set up some "play dates" with a friend and have them come to your house with their dog? Just as a start to get her more comfortable. As long as she's not agressive toward dogs/people I would just get her out there and let her greet others at her pace. My Livvy loves people but does not care for other dogs(especially the big ones) except for the 5 she lives with and I think this is an error on my part and not socializing her with other dogs. She is slowely getting better. Remember to not "push" her or it could make matters worse! Once she forms a few friendships on her terms it should get better!

Good Luck!
Classes with a very positive trainer will give her more confidence and help you work with her in a controlled environment. You can also ask strangers if they would like to give her atreat that you supply. She may just not be really outgoing but you can work with her to be more comfortable in public.
Maybe that's why my dogs like Pet Expo sooo well...it's all aboutthe treats...they know where they keep them at the counter and will hold out for the liver snacks! I make the people ask them to sit...lay so they do this for others too...Wynn usually will roll over since he's already laying! Good idea with the classes Bev and the positive trainer! I also find that people here will ask to pet your dog not just pet them!
I agree that training classes would be very helpful! Check around and try to find one that has a mix of dogs and is focusing on early training/socialization. The CGC class that I was in concentrated on getting our dogs to sit quietly and ignore friendly people/ friendly dogs, and so the basic obedience class that preceded it was meant to lead directly into CGC and they did the same (ignored, not socialized). People on track for formal obedience or show will also be wanting their dogs to focus on them and ignore distractions, so those classes may not really spend any time on socialization.

What you would want for her is the equivalent of the basic puppy socialization classes, but with a mix of adult dogs with maybe only a couple puppies. So talk to trainers and see what they are offering!

Sam's idea of going to PetSmart is great, too.
expose her more by taking her to pet smart, walk down every aisle and she'll get to meet a lot of human and dogs, with all that sound, she'll soon get used to it, you can also try walking her a lot before entering, that will calm her down a bit too.
By the way, you have a very pretty girl there!


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