Hi everyone, my name is Roxane and I live in Manhattan, Ks. My boyfriend and I are in the process of looking to add a corgi to our life. I'm sure that once we have gotten the little bundle of joy, I will be on here asking tons of questions and also keeping everyone posted on how the the pup is doing.

If anyone has any tips on the process of looking for a corgi, know of anyone that will have a litter available late July to mid August, or has any advise about owning a corgi, please don't hesitate to tell.


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Welcome!  I am excited for you.  Corgis are truly, truly wonderful dogs!  We have two, and every day I thank God for them.  They bring such joy and love into our lives!  They also bring lots of fur, it gets everywhere, but you get used to it.  Good luck on your search and let us know how it is going! 

Welcome! The best way to search for a breeder is check out the members list for your regional breed club. 

Here is a link for the members of the club for the Greater St. Louis area, which covers Missouri, Kansas, and other states. 

Not all of these members are breeders, and the ones that are may not have puppies available, but this is the best way to find a reputable breeder. 


Do be aware that it may take up to a year to actually get a pup!

Hi. Welcome to the world of corgis! Hubby and I have one 7 month old female named Abbey. She is a bundle of joy. I have no advice for you, but I do wish you luck.

Welcome...you are about to start one of the greatest adventures in your life...enjoy every moment:)

Welcome to the fun world of corgis!  They are funny, smart, loving, sometimes too smart for their own good, shed lots of fur..did I mention they are smart?  Get use to corgi fur in and on everything.  If you knit, save it and make a couple of sweaters.

I have talked to Candace from Wind Dial Farm and she will have a litter available in Aug. However, I have recently found out about a 15 week old in the the Kansas City area that is looking for a home. He was going to be a possible show boy but he is unfortunately only has one 'family jewel'. The puppy will be about 21 weeks by the time I would get him, and I worried if he will be able to adjust or if he is missing any life lessons. I feel like I'm in a tough spot. Any thoughts?  

Have you checked out Fortin's Pembroke Welsh Corgis?  I put up a post about her kennel in a different thread.  She is in Fredericktown, Missouri.  I remember going through St. Louis and over a little, but mapquest would show you where it is located.

I know she has one female left out of her most recent litter.  A black-headed tri female and she is very pretty.  We have one of her Corgis, Kallie.  She is a wonderful little Corgi.  Very sweet and very pretty.  I believe she plans to have another litter available sometime this summer, but am not sure as to the exact date.  Kathy socializes her Corgi puppies.  She interacts with them a lot and her children and grandchildren play with them before they are ready for their new homes.

Here is a link to a page where pictures of the latest litter is posted, including the available little girl.  http://www.home.earthlink.net/~lkfortin/id3.html

After purchasing Kallie from her, she has stayed in touch with us on a very regular basis and has been very helpful as we have gone through the different stages with Kallie.  Kallie is quite smart and has been very easy to train.

On the available little boy, I don't know much about show dog families.  The only people I know who do show their dogs have had multiple dogs and haven't been able to spend as much time with them, therefore they aren't as socialized as most family dogs.  As long as the little male you are interested in has gone through good handling in terms of socializing and behavior, the little boy might be what you'd want.  Puppyhood is a handful, but we wouldn't trade it as we have had a blast with Kallie at every turn.

Good luck!  Hope it all works out for you.  

If the breeder was planning on showing him I would think he should be well socialized. The breeder should be able to tell you what his personality is like and if he has any quirks/issues, and if they can't...well I wouldn't take the dog then. Most dogs adjust pretty easily so I wouldn't worry about that.

Jane's point on the socialization is a good one.  Was thinking on it and one of my clients mentioned that her friend, who shows her cattle dog, had to have him go through a special obedience class.  They have to put up with a lot of touching by the judges and stand still, etc.  If you will have a chance to meet up with the puppy and family, you will get a sense of whether it's right for both of you.

I would assume the breeder of the older puppy would have taken care of properly socializing him up to this point and until he goes to a new home.

I have a puppy from both Kathy Fortin (mentioned below) and Candace Longan and I have to say, they are among the best dogs I have ever had and neither are even a year old yet.  Gidget (from Kathy) is 10 months and Sheldon (from Candace) is 5 months.  I don't believe I have any pictures of Sheldon posted on here yet, I've been neglecting this place :)

My son's Corgi is Kallie and she is from Fortin's.  She is 10 months old.  I wonder if they are from the same litter?  I believe that Kathy had two litters around the time we purchased Kallie from her.  I think one of the mothers was Brooke, Kallie's mother, and the other mother was Candy.  Do you know if Gidget is Brooke's daughter or Candy's?

Gidget is Candy's, she was born two days after the litter Kallie was in.  We talked before about you picking her up too and I meet you in IL on your way back so I didn't have so far to drive but I decided to fly her instead.


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