Ferris still has a habit of trying to herd me at home, usually when I'm in the kitchen. He won't stop trying to bite my feet, and every time I try to take him to his punishment corner to make him stop he runs away from me! How can I get him to stop? 

Also when we're on walks he loves to try to jump up and bite the leash, what can I do to fix this? 

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When he goes for your feet, freeze and turn your back on him. He will need an immediate stop in the fun in order to get that this is not OK with you. For leash biting, stop say no and wait until he stops to move. Puppies are just trying to have fun and the less fun it is the quicker they stop.

I agree with Bev but I add the word "owe" in a high screech like it really hurt...absolutely no attention when you turn away. It does work but you need to be very consistant.

Keep the leash short (no slack) and coming off the center of the neck in back where he can't reach it.  If that doesn't  work, you can buy a lightweight chain leash and use this until he's over this puppy stage.

I'd suggest a timeout room, somewhere he can't see you period, instead of just a corner.  Momo, was quite a nipper and attacker when we first got him, but after three days of strict discipline, each time he 'nipped or attacked' he got put into time out room in his crate, in the dark, away from me and hubby (and momo HATES being away from us), and he learned very fast that nipping and biting was bad and will only get him put into a lonely dark place.

also, it depends on how old your puppy is.  if he is very young still (3 months and under) , be very patient, use timeouts on him for bad behavior that you don't WANT HIM DOING ex: he is biting you or nipping you whenever he wants, but i'd also suggest doing Bite Hibitation (which is when YOU initiated him to 'carefully' mouth on you, on YOUR TERMS).  

walks, i'd suggest ignore his behavior, and jsut keep walking... if he doesn't wanna gag himself, he'll try to keep up and when he does as he is expected to do, he'll have a nice loose leash for him to use, instaed of chocking himself.  Of course, have the leash on him INSIDE THE HOUSE so he gets used to it... and whenever u catch him "biting on the leash" correct it and tell him NO and he'll soon realize biting on the leash is BAD and will learn to NOT do it.  

Just be paitent and be consistent... and you'll have a puppy you desire to have. :D 

I would suggest a small squirt bottle of water for the nipping at your feet.  I have used that along with a sharp NO with just about all my dogs from mutt to Irish wolfhoung to corgi over the years to stop unwanted behavior such as that and it works.  I agree with Anna about how to handle the leash biting.


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