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I got my corgi, Malcolm, 1 week ago (currently he is 9 weeks old). He is easily trainable when it comes to potty training but he bites my hands, elbows and feet during play. His sharp little teeth hurt! The most frustrating part for me and my boyfriend is that he doesn't like to sit next to us or just be petted. He will lie and take naps away from us and if we start petting him he begins biting. My dog trainer wants to begin socializing him within the next two weeks, after he gets his second set of vacations. Will this help him be a more friendly towards us? Or is it just part of his personality that we might just have to accept? I know he enjoys my company somewhat, as he follows me around the house at times and gets excited when I come home from work. Thank you for the advice!

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You've had him a week. Give it time. Also, corgi's are known nippers. It's part of their breed. When they get older and trained things will get better. Right now just bond and play. Training will also help establish the alpha and trust. He's still adjusting.

my Tommy is a little over two years old and he has never cuddled with me ... although he does pick and choose a few people he likes to snuggle with! He never comes over to sit next to me to be petted and usually starts zooming around if I try to reach out to him. I believe it truly is just his little personality to be ornery with me, but we have a ball playing together and both love annoying other people with our antics. 

The nipping will get better, Malcolm is still just a baby :)

Corgis are not always cuddlers;  they are not lap dogs but a working breed.   That said, puppies tend to be more concerned with playing than with cuddling.  So he may get more cuddly as he matures, or he may not.  I have two and one loves to cuddle and one hates it.  The one who hates it is 6 so I don't think that will change, but I have learned how and when he enjoys being petted (he prefers neck massages to petting, and mostly only when he is saying hello when I return home, or at bedtime).   

As I have said before here, though:  my cuddler would run and hide if we were ever in danger.  My non-cuddler would lay down his furry little life for us.   Remember, dogs don't equate cuddling with love.  :-)     If he is not a cuddler you will find other ways to enjoy his company.

Obviously things can and will change from the 9 week old mark. But! In case it feels like it's taking forever, take heart in what Beth said. I too have a non-cuddler, but I know that he would do anything his wee legs would let him in order to protect me, my husband and our other dog. Ace does show his love on occasion - notably, when we're sleeping. My husband and I share the bed with our two dogs (Ace the Cardi and our Border Collie, so it's getting pretty crowded...) and Ace's new thing is to get under the covers and be the little spoon for one of his humans. He adores it and won't move until morning. He *needs* to be with his people. And when I think of him in that way, I well up a bit. Dogs are magical creatures, every single one of them. :)

"Dogs are magical creatures, every single one of them. :)" so  very true Ludi.

He is so young yet...the big world is such an exciting place and he has so much to discover.  Give it time but which ever way it goes you  will find a way to share that physical touch/love together.

Max is not a cuddler where he has to be on my lap but he does like being by me, loves getting petted and sleeps with us..providing he asks to get on the bed before we fall asleep.  He can't jump because of his neck.  On the other hand I can't sit down without Katie being in my lap.  And for that reason she sleeps in her crate at night.  She can jump on the bed and if you so much as twitch a finger she starts washing your face.

Max and Katie sound exactly like Ace and my collie Lady. If I even rustle the sheets slightly, Lady pounces on my head and starts vigorously cleaning my ears and face!

I found that a high pitched, dramatic (you are killing me) yelp worked for me every time the teeth touched the skin and then a puppy proof room time out for a few minutes if it contnued for my "jaws " puppy. Izzy came much better socialized so never nipped. Also, when my puppy was sleepy I would occasionally pick him up and put him on my lap (no petting, just getting him used to my lap). He eventually grew up to be a cuddler but only when he wanted to. At this age puppies are usually just trying to have fun when they are awake so be patient.

Linus has never been cuddly and he's now a year old. The breeder described him as "ornery", lol. He's very sweet and likes to be petted, but not too much or for too long. He'd rather run around in the yard or play ball. At a year old, he will finally sleep on the bed with us, but that's the most "cuddly" that he is.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I know corgis in general are not the cuddling kind but it makes us a little sad when he go else where just to rest his head and only comes to us for play. I was wondering if anyone else had advice on how to stop him for biting. His teeth are little but sharp. I've tried yelping loudly and pushing on the back of his shoulders, this only seem to excite him more. Also, i've tried walking out of the room and ignoring him if he does bite, and he still continues.

It takes time to break the biting habit. You have to do the same thing everytime. Pushing him will just excite him more. If he continues put him in and area with no people or toys for a few minutes and then try again,, repeat.

hi , i speak of experience , my Sheldon hated to be hug or pet. But as he grew older I kinda got that he was just started to know us and now hes a real cuddle bug ! Give him time to know you and let him grow :) 

good luck !


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