Does anyone know is there any possibility of having non- dwarf corgis?

When my corgi was bought she looks pretty much like a corgi, but now shes 6 months old and we realize her legs are so long and thin. Any one has any idea is she pure breed or mixed? If so, what is she mixed with?

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If she has no papers to prove otherwise I would think she was a mix of some type, but having just lost a mix which to me was the mix of a lifetime, I congratulate you pon finding this beautiful pup! Sure seems to have a great personality too. of course I hope you did not purchase her as a purebred and pay all the costs associated with that, but I am sure her cuteness and sweet personality will outshine everything else! She does have long legs, but such corgi looks and hopefully thoses corgi smarts.
I LOVE her though!!

You could not have a non-dwarf Corgi.  Yours looks like a   Corgi to me.  At 6 months she may be leggier than when she is mature. 

Some claim to have a corgi and they're not-volunteering at the shelter, we get lots (even from other shelters) of "corgis"  Just look for corgi on Petfinder-a while back-like 1000 corgis-maybe<20 and maybe 5-6 that looked purebred.  Some on CL even go to the trouble of making bogus papers on Googleform....

None the less, she is adorable :)  That intent stare at you in the middle pic--too cute!

Corgis ONLY carry the gene for dwarfism so a pure Corgi can't be non-dwarf.  But the gene is dominant to some degree and so even half-Corgis usually have pretty short legs.  Wait to see what she looks like when her chest fills in;  she might not be as leggy as she seems now.  She's cute, regardless.

She could have another breed or just poor breeding. She is adorable and looks like she is well trained since she's waiting so patiently for her treat in her bowl. Enjoy her!!!!


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