i just got purposed in the best way possible <3 how adorable is this? as a corgi lover in the back of my mind i always wanted a corgi themed proposal or wedding and without even asking, i got my wish  (thats his nickname by the way lol )

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Congratulations!!!  Such a cute proposal!

Don't keep us in suspense! Should we assume you said YES?

And your answer was??????  Cute !!!!!!

thank you!! i said yes as loud as i could lol with a proposal as adorable as this how could i say no?

I would not have been able to resist either!  I shared your photo on my Fb page, it was too cute not to.  Looks like your fiancee knows you well, has good taste and certainly a sense of humor, all things that bode well for a happy life together. Congratulations and thank you both  for the smile.

thank you so much! i love that you shared my photo :) anyone is more than welcome too. its so sweet and complements my addiction to corgis :P

An Italian friend re-posted it on his Fb page in Italy.  He's a guy and his comment was " This may be worth a try!"

o wow Italy? thats really special. for a corgi lover its just perfect

So cute!

Congrats to all three of you!

omg! LOVE!

And what a beautiful ring, on top of it all. :-)


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