After 3 months of waiting on corgi waiting lists, I got the call to come look at a litter last weekend. I was so excited! The woman who called me is a very reputable breeder who has shown dogs for over 30 years, and corgis for 15-20. There are videos of her showing he corgis on YouTube, and she is a long-standing member of the PWCCA.  She does extensive health clearances of the parents (CERF, eyes, DM), and also has the puppies eyes checked by a vet before they leave for their new homes.

I am looking for a real cuddlebug, and there were 2 females in particular that she thought would be a good fit for me.  I fell head over heels for one of them.  All puppies are cute, but there was something about this female that just tugged at my heart.  However, when I got home and looked at her pictures, I noticed that her left eye (the one on the right in the pictures) seems to have a lot of white in it on one side.  It's almost as if it's wandering or something?  I didn't notice this in person, but I did in the pictures, which I'm attaching here.  I have read so many tales of woe on here that I want to be careful.  But I also don't want to be too OVERLY cautious and scare myself out of what might just be a minor cosmetic flaw in a really terrific dog.  I also don't want to pay an arm and a leg and have health issues later that I could have avoided had I been a little more careful.

Have you guys seen this before?  Is this cause for concern?  Is this something she might grow out of? Am I obsessing over nothing??  Help!!

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I think talking to the breeder is a good thing and if you 2 and the pup already have a bond..."go for it"...I have had dogs pick me and in the end it has always worked very well. I encourage people to watch which pup or rescue pays attention to works:) Good luck!

Sky has this "wandering eye" thing isn't the inner membrane, it's the white of his eye showing. I don't notice it when you look at him, but it shows up in pictures sometimes. I'm attaching a picture, mostly just to chime in to say "here's another one." I've Googled it and it seems to be fairly common in puppies, probably something he'll grow out of. He'll be seeing the vet this week for his checkup and shots, and I'll ask her about it.

Thanks you so much for sharing the photo, Cathie. First, he is a real cutie pie!! What beautiful colorings and markings! Secondly, it really does help to know there are others and perhaps this is more common than I realized. If you have time to post after your appointment, I'd know what your vet says this week. Always great to hear another opinion as well. :)

Thank you!

Just came back from the worries, Sky is healthy from nose to nubbin...she said both eyes look fine.


That's wonderful news!! :) So happy for you and little Sky, and thanks for letting us know!
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their help, and let you know how the conversation with Barb (the breeder) turned out. I used Beth's strategy (thank you! I said it almost word for word!), and it opened up a great candid dialogue. She knew exactly what I was referring to, and had an explanation I never would have thought of. It turns out has a fondness for English bred Welsh Corgis, and there are a few seminal differences between English preferences and American preferences in the breed. One of them in eye shape - the English lines tend to have more round eyes, while the American lines tend to have more almond shape eyes. This particular pup has English lines not too far back - her grandparents, in fact - and she ended up with a bit more of a round eye shape. Depending on how the little eyeball grows and forms, this sometimes results in a bit more white showing. Sometimes they grow out of it, sometimes they don't, but it has nothing to do with the health of the actual eye. It's just a little thing that shows up sometimes with Corgis with English lines in their pedigrees. To top it off, it is more noticeable in this pup because her 3rd eyelid on the left side is a white hue, while on the right side it's a black hue. I thought that all was really interesting.

That made me feel a lot better. I trust her, she's been doing this forever, and she really cares a lot about her dogs and her puppies, repeatedly going above and beyond. The pups were checked out by the opthalmologist vet today, and there were no major problems so...I'm picking up my new little girl this weekend!! I couldn't be more excited, and I feel good about the whole thing now. :)

Thank you to everyone here for your help - I'm very grateful!! I can't wait to bring my new little girl home!!

Thanks for sharing her explanation. Lucy of Lucy & Ricky/Rafa is one of the most beautiful corgis I've met. She has round eyes and is related to the queen's corgis (We aren't supposed to let Lucy know this, however)

Aw, thanks for sharing that pic! Lucy IS a beauty! I see the family resemblance. ;)

Thanks, Natalie. We met up recently with a litter mate of Lucy's but there wasn't that much resemblance between them, however Luigi, her brother, was a beautiful Corgi with the sweetest temperament.

Thanks, Snickmom, for your kind words about Lucy. I'm flattered and you can always share her photo. Glad you're all starting to shake that nasty bug that seems has taken hold of many of my friends. Hugs to all of you. xoxo wendy

I bet you're so excited to pick her up! I'm glad all is fine and you can get her. It sounds like you made a strong connection and I can't wait for you to bring her home. Make sure to post more pictures :D 


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