After watching Bear playing today I've decided that we could have a Corgi Olympics with the following events:


Rawhide Chucking (Both for height and velocity)

Circle Running

Figure 8 Running (sister event to circle running)

Ditch slalom

Tugging (with and with-out vocals)

Wood floor sliding (for distance and style - bonus points if you take out the area rug too!)


I'm sure that you guys can contribute many more.  What would your favorite Corgi Olympics event be?


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How about food eating... the one to eat the most in one minute wins.

What about Begging? It could be score like gymnastics.

Barrel rolling where one corgi overruns the other and the rolled pup well...rolls?


Freestyle Frapping?

Yeah what is that with the rolling over, must be from getting out of the way of cows. Both of my corgis do this when they occasionally frap with my chow mix. Rexx runs over and they run then roll over to avoid Rexx. It is hilarious to watch.
Add herding empty plastic milk is a biggy at my house.

Ball popping


Aerial gymnastics when there is food involved.

Oh oh!  How about Kibble Dancing!  Have you all seen Sparky's Kibble Dance?  It'd be a good event!  Or maybe the opening ceremony?


I love that video!!! Not to be confused with my Sparky.
Cat herding, a daily event at my house. The cat starts it 95% of the time so she must enjoy it.

Ruby loves cat herding and bouncing on the sofa. Her best event is sleeping upside down


We could see if we could include an event that involves corgi tripping humans, course we would have to have a volunteer!!! Not the corgi, Solomon would do that naturally, the human is where we would need the volunteer!!
isnt that the truth!!!!  Tucker is quite good at it, Lance used to be, but not as much anymore.


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