I've had Corgis my whole life and that's a lot of years. Corgis are working dogs that need meaningful activity and discipline. The time to start training is when your baby Corgi comes home. Corgis are very smart and they will be a step ahead of you, if you let them. DON'T let them. They love to know the rules, work hard and be praised. The earlier you start lovingly training your puppy, the more rewards you will have later with your adult Corgi who listens for your command and happily performs it. A rescue dog needs the same training, but first needs to trust its new family. Knowing that your rescue is experiencing a hard transition will hopefully make you more patient and compassionate. Be loving and earn the trust of your rescue. But whether a puppy or a rescue, train your Corgi well and as early as you can. Every Corgi and owner thrive through combined work and effort.

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I'm sagatarius, Mike is taurus, the boys are both rescues - do we consider found date for lucky ie Dec 24 in the snow bank, or the day he came to our house? Date Sonny came to our house?
@Jane- I wrote a long post to you and Carol, and somehow it never showed up. I still have problems navigating this site. I'm spatially challenged and a bit of a ditz. Re. signs. Jack and I are both Leos. Rafa is Aries. Lucy is a Scorpio. Somehow, being Nov. I thought she was a Sagittarius. Probably better that she isn't. That would make for a fiery family!

It's raining and muddy outside. This should be a challenge to keep these guys happy. The hard part is that Lucy used to love to play fetch. Now every time I throw a toy for her, Rafa grabs it, and she doesn't protest. Also, any toy Lucy is playing with, Rafa wants, and she gives it to him. She looks so miserable. I don't get it. There are plenty of toys, but he only wants what she has. Lucy is clearly the dominant of the two; but she lets him take everything from her. My friend, a GSD breeder, says that Lucy is being a good "mother."
Yup I agree with the Lucy being a good mom...she is teaching him also. Bella is my eternal mother dog, always correcting any pup or dog! I hope that Rafa turns out as wonderful as Wynn(an Aries also) he's the dog that started my obssessions with corgis...little did I know! Livvy always lets her pups(Sage) play with her balls but NEVER any other dog!
So....same here . Is Jimmy being a good "father"??? Don't think so, he is now peeing inside the house again =( after 5 years!!!!!!!!
Don't know what to do.
oh my. i had just the reverse tonight. rafa, who was potty trained early--my one training victory, peed on our sofa tonight. we have a doggy door, he knows the routine. what he was thinking?!?
this is hilarious!!!! good stuff...
Is there a central place between CA, OR and MN where Jane, Carol and Wendy can meet? We will bring the dogs and have a ladies weekend - maybe we should leave the dogs at home, except then we cannot blame them and I am not sure just who would take care of Lucky with me gone!!

Hey! It is 2 1/2 hours after Lucky woke up and he is not in trouble yet!! Something is wrong. Oh dear, spoke too soon he is on the move.
@Carol: I was thinking the same thing about Rafa. He was being so good, I filled a kong each for Lucy and him stuffed with peanut butter. After I gave him this, I noticed he had shredded the corner of our big area rug in the den. Unfortunately my kitchen and family room are not separate, nor can they be. I remember we bought this rug when we were sure that Lucy had stopped chewing our old one and was no longer destructive. WRONG. As soon as we put down this rug, she began eating holes in it. Fortunately our den is a mess and all the furniture needs to be replaced. So this was a good time to get a puppy! I also seem to remember when Lucy was about 2 or 21/2 yrs old, out of no where she chewed out a chunk of our living room sofa. Go figure.
@ Carol Rea - VEGAS?!! You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. ; )
VEGAS!! WOO HOO! We could go on to Reno and visit Lucky's snow bank (just kidding)
I was thinking a nice quiet scenic place...I'm on burnout after working 40-50 hour weeks and 3 litters of pups...I need a nice quiet place to veg out! Colorado would be great...except for rattlers!
There must be somewhere in Colorado without rattlers, I'll ask my bestest friend since yr before kindergarten as she went to school in Colorado, of course there are my VERY CRAZY cousins who live there! We have rattlers here, I have always said "none on this side of the road" until the lady down the road got bit by one with 9 (yes, 9) rattles! She was in hospital over a week and used over 40 vials of antivenum - hospital didn't even have any when she got there!! HMMM gives me great faith in the hospital, here we are in rattler country and no antivenum. I had just told the vet we did not need the new vaccine (we have all sand for soil, and then some rocks up the hill. Mike heard that the snakes don't like the sand.) Well, I have gotten off on a tangent this AM!


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