I know puppies colors change drastically as they grow.  Is there anyway to tell when they are really little the difference between a RH Tri and a BH tri?  What age can you begin to tell the difference?

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Usually a BHT will have black on the inside tips of the ears, but it's not always a guarantee.

For example, these are probably all RHT except for the puppy second from the right.Note the black on the ear tips and the darker mask.

So cute!!

Oh my gosh, that fluffy little BHT...I want to cuddle him/her!  So adorable!  Great example picture showing RHT vs. BHT puppies.  :)

Jane thanks for the tip (no pun intended lol).  What a beautiful bunch of babies! 

Look at all those sweet babies!  There's 3 fluffies in that bunch! 

I can't figure out how my dogs got their color designations.  Max is listed as fawn/white but his "fawn" is quite dark red.  Katie is listed as red/white but her "red" is closer to a light tan.

ohhhh what a great puppy portrait! Thank you for posting!

Very good question! When I was looking for a puppy, I was looking for a BH tri female. Obviously, it can be pretty tricky, and I picked out my baby when she was 6 days old. She ended up being red headed, but I love her oh so much! The color change is actually very neat to watch.

Here is a little progression of how she changed;

6 days old

2 weeks 1 day old

3 weeks 2 days old

4 weeks 3 days old

5 weeks 2 days old (In this photo, you can see the inside of her ears which are red. I was starting to suspect she was going to be a red headed tri, but this set of photos was when I knew for sure.)

6 weeks old! This is when I got to visit for the first time.

7 weeks old with one ear up!

Gotcha Day! 9 weeks old

Now, at 4.5 months old!

She's so cute!!!!  It's amazing how much their color changes.  Even Foxy being red/white I had no idea that what to expect.

It really is crazy how their colors change! I'm glad I can help out some future owners :)

This is such a hoot! The photos of the litter containing The Queen's new consort show them as amazingly dark, but the breeder is confident that almost all of them will grow up to be red & white, like the Queen herself.

What a beautiful little pup you have there!


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