Hi all Corgi lovers :)

We just got a Cardigan pup 5 days ago, he was 10 weeks old. He is adorable, very smart etc. We absolute love him! I have been reading treads in here for the last month or so, but still have some questions.

- He sleeps in his crate at night, right outside our open bedroom door, from aprox 10 pm to 5 am. He whimpers for maybe 5 minutes, then goes to sleep. No night accidents, wohoo! In the morning I feed him at 6 am, as I don't want him to get used to wake up early for food. I would love for him to sleep to 6 when he is older/settlet in/can hold it for that long. Any thoughts on this? I take him out in the garden at 5 when he wakes, and he pees immediately. 

- He is quite the little barker, barken when wanting to play, when a new sound comes, when he is bores, when the TV runs, in the car etc. we don't mind the barking when unfamiliar sounds, but we would like to be able to stop the other barking. I read that someone say to ignore the barking, while other say that he will then continue. Please help :)

- He likes to bite our ankles when we walk. While it is cute now, I imagine that it won't be when he is fully grown.. Again, some say to stand still when he does, others to say know. I would appreciate any thoughts :) 

I am reading the "cardigan welsh corgi training guide" by Richard Jones, and agree with his take on dog behavior. Positive reinforcement and no punishment :) 

Any thoughts appreciated, and please bare with my English as I am Danish.


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It may register anyway. I can't recall my dogs appearing especially fazed by the "YOU ALMOST KILLED ME" drama. But eventually they got the message. Standing still is useful.

You have to be almost operatic in the ridiculousness of your response. Yelp, whine, cry, carry on as though you had been delivered to Death's Door. Do not do this in front of your mother-in-law... ;-)

Haha Vicky, I wont :D And thanks, we will cary on. The odd thing is he is mostly doing the nipping thing at my husband, hardly on me. They are home together all day, while I go to work, maybe thats it,

Is he being consistent??? These smart little doggies get by with anything they can!!!!!

Well... Yes, now he is ;) I think he was a bit soft in the beginning, but now he stands with his back to the pup. 

I am generally all positive in my training but a nip in my leg after a firm no would cause all hell to break loose. There would be severe grumbling on my part and a pick up and delivery to a room or yard with out my company for a while until he calms down. They have to know early on that that is an unacceptable way to play. Watson did that just once to me as a puppy. Now he gently touches me with his nose when he wants my attention. It is important to remember that they were selectively bred to tell animals considerably bigger what to do.

@ Bev: That brings up a question I was just thinking about yesterday: Do you think that if you banish a dog immediately after a moment of undesirable behavior, and as you're saying "NO! Don't do that!"...do you think the dog makes the connection between exile and "I guess I shouldn't do that again"?

Ruby has gotten into the habit of standing outside the pool gate and trying to bark me out of the pool, an annoying strategy when you're trying to relax. It occurred to me to tell her NO, get out of the pool, dry off, pick her up, carry her to her den in the master bathroom, and close the door.

From her perspective, even though she's now temporarily banished from my blindingly divine company, she's won. She can't see me get back in, so she thinks she's succeeded in getting me out of the pool, where she apparently thinks I'm at dire risk of drowning or being eaten by a carnivorous duck.

Since the dog can't see what goes on after the banishment, does the dog understand that Out In The Yard or Back In The Den = "that didn't work"?

Is he roughhousing with the pup?  Most men like this kind of play and it will backfire.....

Vicky, if you are still reading this, I do think that the dog can associate all fun stopping when they do certain things. In my experience no attention is a real detterant.

Hi - I just wanted you to know that the play biting has gotten SO!!! much better. Now it is almost entirely only when he is over exited that he will jump and bite :)


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