So piper is so sweet most of the time and hangs out, but she goes into these modes mostly at night and goes CRAZY! It's funny for a short bit until she is getting into anything and everything and I am constantly saying NO PIPER LEAVE IT STOP NO NO NO! And she doesn't listen! Does anyone have any suggestions as for how to make her get it??

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You are giving her far too much freedom, too soon. Yelling at her just makes her deaf to your voice and whatever words you may be saying, in this case, "No". Also, the word No tells a dog nothing, really. WE know it means to 'stop everything you're doing right now!' but to a dog, particularly an untrained puppy, it's just a noise. If someone kept yelling "BLURP!" at you, you'd start to back away, you'd feel a little anxious for being yelled at, but you would have no idea what BLURP! means.

Take a step back. Keep her on a leash attached to you if you need to go through the house, or set up a secure area for her to play in. She does NOT need the freedom to be in whatever room of the house she desires. She can be perfectly happy in a small kitchenette for all she cares, provided that there is something human-approved to do. :)

Thank you! I have heard to keep her on a leash next to me and I think I will be trying that. I always have an eye on her but she does get to roam around downstairs so I will try the leash suggestion and see how it works!
Thanks again!

No problem. :) Remember at this age that pretty much any time your puppy ducks out of sight, it's probably to do something mischievous - sometimes to pee, others to go destroy something! :D

It sounds as if she has a lot of pent up energy to burn. How much walking is she getting? As young as she is ,walks should only be about 15 minutes at a time but should be frequent. A tired puppy rarely causes trouble.

1) More exercise, play time! If it's too hot to play outside, get a cheap kiddie pool and let her splash. I used to play chase games with Jack in the basement (but our basement was cleaner then...). Tug is a good way to release energy.

2) If she has had enough exercise and is just getting cranky and mouthy, she may be tired. Some pups (like some toddlers) never want to stop and get more active the more tired they get because they feel miserable and don't know how to fix it. In that case, you want to put her away to nap.

Of course the only one who knows if she's had enough activity for the day is you. :-) It took me awhile to figure out when Jack was cranked from pent up energy and when it was because he was overtired.

Wait puppies listen?  Can I have puppy is driving me crazy.  I am going to have to try the leash thing, only problem with that is he wont MOVE on a leash :(


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