Sparty has been more and more depressed lately and having trouble getting around so we made the decision to end his suffering tonight. He had a nice dinner with bacon on it and my wonderful vet came over so we could let Sparty go while looking out our front window (a favorite activity). He is buried in the woods behind our house. He loved walks in the woods! It leaves a huge hole in my life, he was so special to me but at 13 with progressive cancer Sparty really had a good life.

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Bev, I am sorry for the loss of Sparty. Your stories of the things he did greatly amused me. Take comfort in that he was one well loved and spoiled dog. Thinking of you, your husband, Izzy and Misty. 

Oh Bev, I'm so sorry. He indeed had a great life - it is unfortunate that illness took him in the end, but at least he went happily and doing what he loved. You have my condolences.

Oh Bev,

My heart goes out to you and your family! I am so happy he could pass at home where he was comfortable and felt loved.

His puppy pic shows his enthusiasm and I am sure he is playing and having a good time with no pain now.

Take care,


So sorry Bev...Sparty was a great dog.

Lilly and I are so sorry for your loss. 

Oh Bev, I am so sorry.  I'm shedding a few tears for you and Sparty.  He's been one of my favorites here on MyCorgi; I always thought he and my Jack are sort of soul brothers.   There's nothing I can say that you don't already know.  Just be kind to yourself and remember his brave, funny, stubborn, playful spirit. 

Jake and I are so sorry to hear about Sparty.   Big corgi hugs to you and your family.

I believe wholehartedly there's a special place for pups ... they touch our lives here as little angels, so they must get some very sweet rewards. I bet Sparty is cashing in on those as we speak. :-) Lots of hugs to you, and Tobi sends puppy kisses as well.

Bev, Milo and I are so sorry to hear about Sparty. I honor your decision to end his suffering. It's one of the most difficult decisions we make, but he's no longer in pain and now at Rainbow Bridge playing and running with one BIG CORGI smile on his face! That's such a sweet puppy picture of your baby. Take care, June

Bev, I offer my condolences. I know you gave Sparty the best possible life and have many great memories to cherish, even though I know that probably doesn't really make you feel better at the moment. Thank you for sharing Sparty with us. Hopefully these responses to your post will provide you with some comfort.

Hi Bev and family, Bertie and Ethel and I send our sincerest sympathy for the loss of Sparty.  But it sounds like he had a great life with you, and you made the right choice too, as hard has we're sure it was.  We're thinking of you.

oh I"m so sorry to hear this! :-( He was such a wonderful dog and will be deeply missed. Franklin sends corgi hugs your way.


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