Is this a corgi thing?
Atlas has some troubles finding playmates at the park, he loves to play so rough and make so much noise it scares a lot of the other dogs. A dog will walk up to him, they sniff and wag tails, then Atlas likes to play bow and let out big barks and growls, this usually scares most other dogs.
Yesterday he finally found some big pitbull/rhodesian mix that wasn't scared of his noises, I had to reassurel the owner that my dog was just fine and loves to play rough with the big guys.

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Finnigan is pretty mellow in his play and ends up being annoyed by the rough players. He'll try to play with them but when all they do is bite at his ears, roll him over then jump on his belly, he yelps and tries to get away. He doesn't mind the loudness of play, it's just the roughness that bothers him.
Jack does like to play rough, though he's not usually very noisy. However, he can play well with dogs that are not so rough, IF the other dog has good doggie communication skills. They'll play chase, say, or just mouth games. I can think of only two dogs he does not play well with. Both are females. They give the initial indication that they want to jump/wrestle. Well, he kicks their butt and then they don't like it. However, if dogs just tell him they don't like it, he'll back off and be less intense.

In both cases where the dogs don't care for him, they are light-built females with a lot of coat, and I think they seem bigger than they are and Jack misjudges. But he's played with dozens of dogs over the past few years and normally plays pretty well. No harm in limiting Atlas's play to bigger dogs, though. I am very leary of letting Jack play with dogs smaller than himself, and I usually stay close by and call out "easy, easy" to him if he gets too rough. Some of the little ones like rough play too, though. Jack was playing with a Basenji once that I thought he was crucifying, but the Basenji jumped up grinning and came back for more.

Madison.... well, we are still waiting for her to play with other dogs. She's biding her time, apparently.
By the way, as Atlas gets older, he will probably learn to tone it down a notch in order to get more playmates. You can't really change your dog's play style too much, but many of them learn to hold back a bit if they get rejected enough by other dogs.
No, Shiro is not like that.
He used to play rough when he was a baby and still does it sometimes, but noone is hardly scared of him, not even tiny dogs.
I guess that's just Atlas' thing.
When Sparty was younger he played like that. He had a couple lab friends that were ok with him body checking them and would give as good as they got. I watched him closely so I could step in if things got too rough. I am not sure a corgi is a good judge of their physical limitations so I would not let it get too rough. Sparty is ten now with some arthritis so he doesn't do it any more. He was always incredibly gentle with our puppies though.
At least you watched Sparty so you were there to intervene if necessary. Many times when a dog is being too rough with Finn and won't let him walk away, he ends up staying on his back with his tail between his legs while the other dog bites and jumps on him and there isn't an owner in sight. I'm all for letting dogs work things out themselves but I’m not going to let my dog get injured over it. Last time it was a Husky that wouldn't leave him alone and that's not even close to an even match.
Yeah, My Buffy was like that. Although she was probably more easily frightened then your Finn. I can not understand why people are not willing to step in when their dog is displaying rude behavior! We had a neighbor's two GSP"s display way too much interest in Buffy one time and she laid on her back and peed. At that point I asked him to call his dogs! That can be a real problem at dog parks. I also worry about injury to the smaller dog even when the behavior is mutual.
I'm with you there! We had a bad experience at a dog park with a Husky who kept humping Jack, and the owner would not intervene.

I always keep an eye on Jack when he's playing; he loves to wrestle and chew on other dogs, so I make sure he's not abusing anyone. He's normally not a bully, but you just never know. I mean, they're dogs. There are a few "friends" he plays with regularly, who are bigger than him, that I don't worry about because they give as good as they get. All the rest I keep an eye on. I once saw him try to haul his bestest doggie friend away by one of her front legs, which was firmly in his teeth. Dogs can be brutal but some of them don't enjoy the rough-and-tumble.
I give the owner about 3 seconds before I intervene. even if my dogs aren't involved. I could care less about getting a bad look if it means preventing two dogs from hurting eachother..
I would think this has to do with what your dog likes. Ella likes dogs her size, medium dogs, and doesn't care for big or tiny dogs. And there are certain dog breeds she doesn't like and some she does. Medium white dogs (there are 3 in my neighborhood) are ok with her. Small yippy are out and big labs or other big dogs are no good in Ella's eyes.
Take your time and see who your little girl warms up to.
Depending on the dog Potus does this too. We don't have dogs parks here (just some off the leash areas that aren't fenced, and as Potus isn't the best at coming when called I'm too nervous to let him have free reign).But he plays with dogs at our house/their house. When I go to my friends place I have to keep him on a leash because her Maltese/Cavalier likes to bark and try and get Potus to chase him but doesn't like it if Potus actually chases him (my friends dog is such a tease, lol).
He's usually best with big dogs- his jaws are a bit to strong for little dogs (he does that dog play thing of trying to bite-gently- their face. Very embarrassing at puppy school when he was playing with a little fluffy mutt and came back with a tuft of fur in his mouth).
Mostly we just have to be sure to let him play with dogs that are an appropriate much (like a friends GIANT barrel shaped mutt- his favourite play friend).

On the subject of barking, Po doesn't do that much, but the other day my friend brought her Border Collie around. Well she spent all her time growling at Potus (who ran around with his ears back for 10 minutes) but Potus eventually felt a little brave and spent the rest of the time trying to get the Collie to play with him, barking at her and play bowing. This story probably isn't very relevant to the discussion but it was so cute how he suddenly just got brave.
Yes, Eddy always plays rough and loves his little corgi friends who comes to the park because they just beat each other down for an hour. The owners there and I have agreed it must be a corgi thing. Everyone thinks their dog is hurting Eddy, but I'm like, "No, can't you tell my dog is initiating this roughness?" Eddy doesn't bark or play-growl, but surprisingly leaps onto them..


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