Sorry to ask ANOTHER question of you all, but I'm trying really hard not to be that person that races their dog to the vet every time they sneeze.


Marcus has been pawing at one of his eyes a bit recently, and I'm a bit concerned. We do think that he has seasonal allergies, but I've heard that allergies impacts both eyes, not one. I took a high resolution picture of him that you can see here (loads slow, but I wanted it to show the detail):

As you can see if you zoom in, his left eye (right in the picture) is a bit red, and where his black "eyeliner" would be, it's more a reddish brown. He is presently on an antibiotic for a bacterial overgrowth in his intestines, so I don't believe that it's an infection of any sort, but I may be wrong.

I'm just curious if this looks like Seasonal Allergies to you guys, or something different? He saw the vet earlier in the week and they didn't mention it, but it is kind of hard to see unless you're looking for it.


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Sorry, I still can't see it. Might be allergies....I would just watch for a day or two.
I can't see it either. It's very easy to have allergies in one eye... I had it all summer! >_< If it is allergies, just give him some 1-2 drops of allergy eye drops. That usually clears Waffle's eye irritation right up.
I see it in the left eye. It looks like losing hair around the eye. If you have a chance have it looked at. Does not look like allergies and the fact that it is just one eye. Hope it turns out to be nothing.
If it doesn't go away shortly I would probably have it looked at. It could be allergies and he has just irritated the area surrounding his eye by pawing at it. Have you tried giving him benadryl or anything like that?
Hi Erin, if its allergies it would be in both eyes, if its just in the one, i would assume something else is going on. If he is pawing i  try and be careful he doesn't scratch his eye. I would probably have it checked.
Hi Erin, go to walmart and get a bottle of Equate brand Saline, squirt and wash the eye 5 times a day, get a clean sanitized wash cloth, wet it, warm it in the microwave, use the back of your hand and judge the right temperature, perform a warm compress on the eye, it should unclog tear duct / loose gunk. if Marcus is pawing at it / face diving, put an e-collar on him.


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