Hi! My Fiance and I have a very loveable 8 month old tri colored corgi who LOVES be around other dogs. So we were thinking about possibly getting another corgi (maybe a male?) for her to have as a play mate. I feel bad because I work 3 days a week and then she's alone. We have two cat that have each other and dont pay much attention to her, my fiance and I have each other, and I feel bad like she's the one lone dog of the house. She regularly has play dates with my mothers two puggles and their a pair also. Part of me feels like I'm crazy for considering the extra work for another pet (but is it that much more work?), part of me feels like she'd be so much happier with a buddy, and part of me feels like i'm cheating on my baby for even considering another dog. Maybe she likes being the only dog? Any thoughts/expierences would be greatly apperciated.

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Well, it's up to you:)

Don't feel bad about wanting another corgi xD All it does is prove how amazing they are because it does seem that in a lot of cases, you really can't just have one. They're Doritos, big eared doggy Doritos.

If she does get along really well with other dogs, I would get another! I honestly plan on four when I am able to get corgis:) Spread out a year apart each is what I am thinking/hoping though, but that's because four is a bit much as far as having puppies goes xD Yeah, it will be more work.. But come on! Two little bun bums running around? Totally worth it.

Hi Lyndsey, You are asking a bunch of corgi lovers (many of whom own multiple corgis) if you should add another corgi....I suspect that you will get a lot of positive responses. :)  We got an 8 wk old corgi in March 2010.  He was super sweet and playful and tried making friends with our 2 older dogs, who wanted nothing to do with him.  I felt so sorry for him.  My husband and I discussed that it might be nice for him to have a playmate and in May 2010, my husband surprised me with cardi #2 (littermate of cardi #1).  As I type this response to you, they are chasing each other around the living room.  It is a little more work, but hey, what's one more little dog?  I will leave the more technical aspects and things you should consider when adding a dog to your pack to the more seasoned corgi experts on this site, but I am glad we made the decsision to add another corgi.  I cannot imagine having just one!

I love having multiple dogs especially corgis. They love to play together. However,  think about the extra expense and whether it will factor in well with your life at this time. Regular vet visits can be very expensive for 2 dogs and if you have wedding expenses coming up and in a few years baby expenses will you still be able to handle multiple dogs? It is much easier to travel with one dog also. Many things to think about! Think it through and if you decide to do it be sure it is a long term commitment.

I'm the wrong person to ask. Working 3 days  a week isn't bad as many corgi owners work more than that. I love having more than one and if you can afford it I would say get another one but would wait till yours is a year  or so old.

If you have the money and the resource for another dog I'd say go for it. I can't imagine just having one now...mine are constant companions for one another and play all the time. I would suggest waiting until she's at least a year old though, it really helps to have a well behaved adult dog for the puppy to look up to, in my experience.

I think it's a wonderful idea!  Especially if she is still a puppy herself.  They should grow up to be best friends.  Just prepare yourself for the future, that hopefully if they live a full and healthy life, they possibly will pass on to Rainbow Bridge around the same time.  It's very hard to lose them around the same time.  This is why I try to stagger the ages of my dogs now.  I am the kind of person that likes chaos--when you've got utter chaos, what's one more?  I thoroughly enjoy the disorganization, and would rather deal with loudness, cluttered house, etc in order to have the rewards of love and laughter.

I think all corgi lovers must love chaos!

She will love the company:)))

Our two are about 3 years apart.  The 2nd does provide some companionship for the 1st.  Two is less than twice the work of keeping one. 

Research the gender-pairing; perhaps a MF pair might bet along better than 2 females or two males.  We have MF, seems to work.

You cant have just one!! They are like Lays tater chips you cant have just one !! We have 2girls about 2yrs apart. But I would get another one now. If you can afford one more. They love to have a play mates. My other breedos have been trouble with 2 males ( terriers, bassetts)but these girls seem to be the best of friends. Only bad thing I think is 2X the fur. If youdont know You wear your Corgi.

Thanks everyone for the input! We decided that we WILL definately be getting another corgi. Hopefully sometime this spring. While I type this my fiance and pup are chasing eachother around the house leading me to believe while she'd love to have a buddy she'll be content waiting a little longer :)

Sounds like we really had to twist your arm! ;)  Good luck with your search! It is so hard to resist the urge to want to bring home ALL the corgis!


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