I recently took my 3 year old corgi to the vet and had him boarded for one night and groomed.  After he returned home, I noticed he was lethargic, but I assumed he was tired from barking at other dogs all night.  I took him to the emergency vet the next night because he wasn't improving, and he had started wincing when I would pet his back.  Hank's temperature was at 106.7.  The vet noticed discoloration on his rump, and decided to shave the area to determine what the cause of the pain was.  He is covered with swollen, pink marks and bloody, oozing pustules from his tail to the nape of his neck.  The vet said it looks almost like a burn, or a chemical reaction.  Hank is staying his second night in the ICU as his fever is not down. 


I will post a picture link at the end of this, as I imagine most people will not want to look at it unwittingly. 


Has anyone had a problem like this with their corgi?  Any ideas of what it might be, besides contact dermatitis? 


WARNING: highly unpleasant photo in this link.


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Yikes, I would call your vet and find out exactly what they used on him when he was groomed. Hope he's feeling better by tomorrow.
.May be a result of the grooming. Wonder if they used something other than shampoo on accident? Have you spoke to the vet where he was boarded? I would ask them in great detail since its obvious whatever it is is linked in some way with his stay at the boarding place. So sad.
Yikes, poor baby. Another member here that I know personally told me her corgi had something similar. Her corgi had just stayed with us for a week. The only thing I could think of for superstar is that I had recently got my yard sprayed. Maybe my dogs were used to it but superstar wasn't. I didn't get to see superstar so I cannot say if what your corgi has and what superstar had are the same but she described it similarly.
Oh your poor baby, you must be so worried. I'm hoping you will report good news soon, and that the vet has Hank on some sort of pain relief.
I would definately call the groomer! Poor baby...hope he feels better soon!

I do hope for a quick recovery, that looks horribly painful and do so hope that the cause of it is discovered.

I'm not too sure if the type of shampoo can cause that but do recall reading that cage dryers can get rather toasty if not monitored. I know when I voulnteered for the vets or even the humane society we are not allowed to use or set up the cage dryers for the dogs.

I have been in contact with the other vet, and they say he was under the dryer for an hour.  That seems like a long time to me.  They said they use regular dog shampoo, but didn't provide a brand.  I'm going to stop by this afternoon to see if I can look at the bottle and the dryer set up.
Hi Aubrie, it's an allergic reaction, use your cell phone to take a pic of the label, if that's not possible, remember the brand and model, then look it up on the internet. Good luck and get well soon.

These dogs don't need to be under the dryer!  All they really need is a good blow out with the force dryer.  It gets the undercoat out well and is cool air.  Ughh.  Yep, I'd get all the info on the shampoo and any other product they used.  And lots of pics and records from the vet.  Considering the cost of treating this, I might even find a good lawyer.


Oh man that is terrible. Please post any info on the shampoo you find out. Hope he feels better soon.

Hi Aubrie...that's awful...I'm so sorry you both are going through this...especially your little guy.  From your comment below, it sounds like maybe he was burned from being under the dryer that long?  I'll tell you, when my corgi was a year old I had boarded her at a vet's office (thinking she'd be safest with doctors around) only to bring her home and the next day she was so sick.  I took her to her regular vet and it ended up she contacted the parasite, Giardia from the other vets office.  It was the worst (almost) 8 weeks of recovery time I've ever been through with her...I have never boarded her since.  

I've always taken my girl to Petsmart to get groomed.  They are so great and take such great care of her.  

I hope your little guy recovers quickly and you take care.  :)

Hank is home and recuperating! He is not eating and drinking at his normal level yet, but he is happy to be home.  The vet covered the entire medical bill (a whopping $700), so we are thankful for that.  Neither of the vets know what caused the problem, but we're betting it is an allergic reaction.  The groomer wasn't in the office when I stopped by, so I'm not sure which shampoo he used at this point but I will find out when he returns for his follow up appointment next week.  Thank you all for your kind words!


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