Are there any methods to help with shedding that any of you use out there? My corgi is 9 months old and recently has been shedding like crazy...though I guess they shed twice a year...we could brush him for hours but it doesnt seem to help. Any shampoos..anything?

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Furminator! It helps a lot during the times they are blowing their coat.
Furminator. You can find it online for a much better price!
I wish my Corgi's only shed twice a year. They shed 365 days a year. We try and brush them every day and every brushing we get at least another puppy :) . But my personal answer to Corgi shedding is hardwood floors and leather furniture.
Yes, the books all say they shed twice a year but 24/7 is more like it. I don't know what kind of Corgis the authors had. :)
I laughed at your post bc its SO TRUE!!!! my gosh the amount of hair i brush off my dogs and vaccum up is rediculous!! It truely is like making a whole other dog.
Furminator weekly
Agreed. Furminator! But as a little extra tip, I would definitely make sure you use it outside. It tends to make fur fly everywhere, which I am sure you don't want all over your house.
I agree, it does cause the fur to fly and it builds up a lot of static which makes it difficult to remove the fur from the brush then get it off your hand.

We use a combination of brushes (slicker, pin and Furminator) but the fur just doesn't stop coming. Our groomer washed him with a deshedding shampoo and conditioner then brushed with a deshedding blade and he didn't shed for at least 2 weeks. Not at all! I would do this at home but some people have told me that if you do not use the right deshedding shampoo and conditioner or do not use it correctly it can burn the dog's skin.
I took Cooper to the groomer and they used some sort of doggy vaccume that sucked all the shedding hair off of him, and that lasted a couple weeks.
I agreed with Roger/Laurie. Corgis shed 365 days a year..... Solution? I vacuum my house twice a week and definitely hardwood floors and no rugs.
The only downside to hardwood floors is 24/7 all you hear is "tap tap tap tap tap tap tap" its very annoying!
We had all tile at first. They sound like little trains when running. Lol


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