Ziggy took sibling rivalry to the next level the other day. We got an awesome rug for Christmas. It has my favorite picture of Baxter and Ziggy on it-- with Ziggy making the most indignant face ever. See what Ziggy thinks of our new rug... specifically the part with Baxter's face on it.


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This is one of the best Corgi videos I have ever seen!! LOL! Where did you get your rug made? :)

They got it from personalcreations.com. The website has a bunch of different items you can make.

lol..hes mad that his picture is bigger!!

I think he's remembering the moment the picture was taken. Baxter had just competed in an agility event and won a bunch of ribbons. I was taking a picture of Baxter on the bench alone with his ribbons while Ziggy watched. Then I invited him onto the bench and captured a look on his face that showed just how he felt about all that.

that is hilarious! :)

OMG...love it and the rug!

LOL too funny!

Ahhh Corgi's champion grudge holders! That is a really cool rug.

Haha!  That is just too cute!

Best laugh of the day!  That's a classic!!

ROTFL! One of the funniest corgi videos I've seen! Love the original pic, too. :)


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