Hi all,

I suppose those of us who still frequent the site have noticed a big slow down in site traffic over the past year or so.   I miss all our old friends!

I finally discovered (a little late) the official MyCorgi Facebook page.  That gets a lot of traffic. And it is great for sharing photos, birthday wishes, puppy announcements and those sorts of things.

But for conversations about training, health, behavior and all those other things, it seems to me that the website works so much better.  It is hard, with Facebook, to archive.  Or find a conversation from 3 days ago to check the status.  Or follow up to a response to your own answer if there are lots of other responses.  

It seems to me it would benefit both the Facebook group and this website if more people surfed on over for conversations.  

Any ideas on how to increase traffic?  It seems the owner/ moderators are not very active any more on this site, and I understand completely that life changes.

But I would have to see this website die a slow death.  I have learned so much and it's been so valuable.  Can we cross-promote on the Facebook page?  Any other way to get the word out?


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I am another one who doesn't go to any social networks.

Ditto...or rather, not willingly. I have to use them to market my business, but not willingly. In effect a forum like this IS a social network, but for reasons not fully clear to me, it seems less intimidating, less gimmicky, and less invasive of one's privacy than outfits like FB and Twitter.

I also remember when I joined that several members "welcomed" me. That meant alot to me!

im so glad I found this post because I too miss my friends and regulars that visited this site! this site was always buzzing with new members and posts. I am also a member of the mycorgi FB page but its not the same.

I justhope everyone is doing well! and would love to hear from you ^_^

And here we are 2 years later from the original post date of this thread and things have only gotten worse.  I miss all the people who posted here.  The questions, the responses to help others, the funny antics of our wonderful corgis.  Of course we also had sad times when one of our beloved dogs crossed the Rainbow Bridge but the outpouring of love showed how much we all cared.

I don't have a FB account, I don't want one.  I did but it go hacked twice, the last time someone was selling stuff under my name so that ended my time on FB.  And I don't see how a FB page could possibly be as informative and caring as this site dedicated to the breed we love so much.  

I feel the same way about the FB account. Its not like this site at all where people are respectful and mindful about what they say to others or what information is put out there for the public. I always loved the amount of support folks gave to one another on this site VS FB where everyone is just bickering :/

Linda, I am sorry to hear about your fur baby passing. its not an easy thing to go through. I just hope this site helped  you through the difficult times 

And I'm just as guilty. I'm not on FB, but am on IG. I check this site every day as I find it very helpful with information. Thank you for the reminder to get on here more often.

Im guilty too!! I used to be glued to this site lol i couldnt wait to check it and see what was new or hear a funny story. I want this page to light up again! Im sure we all miss those days

It is too bad that not many people come here. I couldn't even find the group's Facebook page...did find one concerning corgis, but it was kind of opaque to me. Though I am active on Facebook by way of marketing my editorial service, IMHO it's difficult and annoying to use.

Maybe we should try to recruit a new crew to patronize this site? There are a LOT of new corgi fanciers out there...

Vicky, I agree with you. Theres gotta be a way to bring more traffic to this page as there is so much useful information here.

If you are curious and  looking for the FB group its called official mycorgi.com Facebook page

ah, OK...thanks. I see it and can see a few posts. It looks lik eyou have to join it somehow, but it's not obvious how to do that. I see posts from my real-world acquaintance and FB "friend" Penny Parker, who was in a mutual business networking group and coincidentally happens to have corgis. But...wait...another hoop-jump brings up, for inexplicable and incomprehensible reasons, a different page that apparently lets you join. But...its not very inviting. Apparently they're not anxious to have a lot of members?

It's normal for groups to check out in some way new people wanting to join and see that they accept the group guidelines. The page says thy have 7.6 K members so, obviously it's not hard to join! 


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