Does anyoe else have a sneaky corgi? Winnie wants to chew on everything right now, and she knows what she can and can't chew on. She will take what she is allowed to chew on (such as chew toys) and place it on or around what she knows she can't chew on and then sneaks and chews on it! She's just too smart I guess..haha.

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haha.. CoCo will do that once in a while since she now know that I am two steps ahead of her.
Izzy is very sneaky! She will mind very well when you are in the room but she is the first to get into something when you are gone. Sparty on the other hand will defy you and talk back but once he is convinced he is not supposed to do something, he can be trusted at all times. Weird!
My Wynn is exactly like your Sparty! Once in awhile Livvy will chew on something she shouldn't but not very often!
Mine are like Bev's. Jack will talk back to me but you can trust him with anything. Maddie will put her ears back and waggle and apologize and promise to never do it again after just one stern look.... and the second your back is turned, she sneaks off again.

We had to get a baby gate for the upstairs hallway to keep her out of the catfood. Jack has never bothered it once, but Maddie would wait til I left the room and run upstairs and eat as much as she could. Yesterday she followed my husband down the basement and I caught her scarfing down birdseed that had spilled on the floor. She'll put her paws on the arm of the chair and stretch over to try to lick a plate left on an end table, again something Jack has never done. She even stuffs her head in the grocery bags when we come home with the shopping! When she sees you looking she puts back those ears, but she lies! She's NOT sorry! LOL Yet she's my submissive one. It's so cute, it makes us laugh.

Funny story: when we first brought her home, I came home at lunch to take them out since she was penned all day. I ran down the basement to dispose of the waste bag outside the back door, leaving both dogs in the kitchen. When I came back up (gone only a minute), Maddie had disappeared and Jack was sitting there with a look on his face that said "You are NOT going to be happy about this!" and sure enough, she'd run upstairs after the catfood (this was pre-baby gate).

If Jack has a toy she wants, she'll lay down near him and roll around or rub her face on the floor. When he looks up to see what she's doing and goes to sniff at her, she grabs the toy and runs. If I catch her I take it back off her.

I think the more submissive ones are sneakier BECAUSE they won't challenge you openly, so it's how they try to get their way! But that's just my theory.
Oh yes Beth, I agree about the submissive ones being sneakier! My little Livvy is very good at it. Today being in the house all day and no exercise she has found a bag of treats, climbed on the piano from the chair and also got into the cat litter...we also have a gate!
Winnie challenges me all the time and she is sneaky! She tends to be submissive with people at first, but then when she is comfortable she starts getting bossy towards them. She is actually in her crate right now because I kept telling her "no" about being under the Christmas Tree, but she kept going back under it over and over again while I was cooking dinner. The last time she went under it she wouldn't get out when I told her "no," and she bit and barked at me, so I had to drag her out. Oh, and she also runs away from me when she has something in her mouth that she knows that I don't want her to have so that I can't get it away from her.
Yes! Stanley used to do this all the time as a puppy. Soo sneaky! He's kinda grown out of it now but every once in a while, he's back to his naughty ways before I even realize it.
Stanley's Mom forgot to mention how sometimes when we're walking Stanley outside, it'll look like he's picked up something off the floor with his mouth. Then, when we lean over to look, he'll keep his mouth closed like he's all "there's nothing to see here"-- just like a kid getting caught chewing gum in class! We then have to fish it out of his mouth before he swallows it.
-Stan's Dad
Everytime she had something not allowed in her mouth, I exchanged it with a treat, Now, she will bring the stuff in her mouth n wait for her treat :(
That's good thinking Keke!
Haha! Sorry, but that's very funny. It just goes to show how sometimes our best plans don't work out the way we want because the dog thinks we are training something different than what we think we're training.
LOL Oh my she & Gwenie!! Gwenie does that too!! Today she chewed the tiny bells off her Christmas collar! I hope she didn't eat them! Gwenie also steal my twizzlers if she can. Good Winnie! Good Gwenie! Smart girls for sure!


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