An individual here in the Puget Sound took the life of Molly, a 13 month old Corgi, because he was upset about a dog that was barking in the neighborhood.

Problem is, it wasn't Molly that was barking, it wasn't even the right house. He just walked up to the fence, but his rifle up to her chest and shot her. When confronted, he basically said "so what."

Full story below:

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Be nice if he could extend his visit there permanently, eh?

First, I feel very sorry for the loss of your beloved dog.  Second, the over-the-fence-shooting can not, and should not,  be justified.  

Even IF you owned a barking dog. The action taken by your neighbor was beyond comprehension, if the dog was on its own turf, and barking.   Animals attacking livestock can be shot, but they have to be on the "offending premises".  

I can relate to this sad experience, because we chose to give up living anywhere even remotely close to Seattle, because of too many crooks & nuts.  And no law enforcement. 

Moved out  of Pierce Co, in 1997, after having endured several years of neighborhood drug dealers, umpteen burglaries, and zero law enforcement.  All the while living within a "conservative, rural & desirable neighborhood".    I had a concealed weapons permit in WA, as my husband traveled very often, and there appeared to be no police support in our neighborhood during that "era".  I became pretty tired of running off drug peddlers (Meth and Cocaine)  parking next door to our property.  

Nothing,  will replace your loved family pet. Trade that in for supporting lawyers' fees?

Doesn't sound like much has changed in areas near, surrounding Seattle?

Move out?

That is just so cruel!! deepest condolence to molly's family..may karma bite this asshole back in the ass. I have also voted for this case in

I just signed.  Some people are just so despicable.   RIP little Molly.  

I signed the petition and posted the story and link on 2 other boards I belong to.  Both boards are full of animal lovers.

Well said, Holly. The fact is that anyone who will abuse or assault an animal sooner or later will do the same to a person. This guy needs to be reined in permanently.

In most municipalities it's against the law to discharge a firearm within a certain distance from an occupied structure. Bellingham is a pretty little coastal town...sounds like this was in town or in a tract. If that's the case I hope this guy goes to jail for the misuse of a weapon, even if they can't nail him for animal abuse.

On the other hand, one might consider this: in our parts little or nothing is done about complaints over barking dogs. And you have to allow that a constantly barking dog is crazy-making. When someone who's already half off the rails is subjected to that, it's not surprising that he goes bonkers. Not to excuse the thing; just to say it's important to bear in mind that some people are crazy to start with, and to protect your animals you should keep them indoors and never let them stand out in the yard and bark.

Update on Molly:

I am just curious about one thing though, why didn't they take her to the vet? Could anyone explain to me if it has something to do with the law?

I believe it had to do with the law from what I have read.  they were not allowed to leave, the scene had to be secured. 

A guy goes up and shoots a dog while the owners are there, threatens the owners by brandishing a gun.  So you're supposed to load the bleeding animal into your car and drive to the vet?  That guy is still out there and still has his guns.  He could pick you off while you're getting in your car and you have no indication that he is going to stop with the dog.  Quite to the contrary, you have every indication he is totally out of control.  The neighborhood was lucky this didn't turn into a gun rampage in which the dead dog would be barely mentioned.  

Good point! Also, from the interview I saw the poor dog bleed to death almost immediately. The poor owners had very little time to react, from the description they gave. Even EMTs are not allowed to enter an area that is not secured, to prevent further carnage. At least he didn't take more lives. So horrifying. I also heard the guy say, "Oh no. I got he wrong dog" on tape. Not sure when he said that, I assume it was when it dawned on him after he heard the barker still barking. I do think we have an obligation to keep our pets from disturbing others, but it is even harder to protect our pets from disturbed people. So sad.


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