An individual here in the Puget Sound took the life of Molly, a 13 month old Corgi, because he was upset about a dog that was barking in the neighborhood.

Problem is, it wasn't Molly that was barking, it wasn't even the right house. He just walked up to the fence, but his rifle up to her chest and shot her. When confronted, he basically said "so what."

Full story below:

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Yeah now that makes sense,I originally assumed he already walked away so it is "safe" to rush to the ER but your explanation has a good point. Also I guess since the dog was shot in the artery not much can be done either... :(

I saw that too.  It said that the police told them to go into their home until they arrested the guy.  I would have argued but then again, we weren't there...maybe they did. 

If that is the case I guess the police is trying to ensure no further harm is done to the family member just in case the nutter tried to shoot any approaching person. :(

WTF is wrong with the world today... I am truly sorry about Molly...

Please show your support for Justice for Molly by going to their Facebook page. Admins of the site are spearheading support and sharing updates on the case. As of this writing 13,650 Likes. Incredible support being shown by Corgi-Nation and beyond!

Alcohol = bingo!  

This guy was 55 with no priors; no history of animal abuse either.  Very unusual.  But for an addiction problem to be going a bit too far, combined with ownership of nine guns, THAT is a  recipe for bad news.   I had a friend who was found floating face down in SF Bay at age 57 with meth and cocaine in his blood.  Some of the weaknesses he had fought all his life finally caught up with him.  So I'm not inclined to think that this is a case of animal sadism being a prelude to more violence, but I do speculate that there is an addiction problem here.  For some people what happens is a car accident where they kill other people.  Anyhow, the guns + alcohol combination is very worrisome.  And really that neighborhood won't be normal again till he moves out.

Better words have not been typed here. Thanks.

That is so sad! That is NO reason to kill that poor incident dog! What's wrong with people :(

I'm actually feeling a little empathy -- a very little empathy -- for the perp, who, with the internet, will be forever famous for doing something meaninglessly cruel and embarrassingly stupid with a deadly weapon to a beautiful innocent creature.  He's stuffed a lifetime's worth of bad karma into one quick mistake, which will probably be the first hit that comes up anytime anybody googles his name.  I hope I never make a mistake like that.

I am reminded of an agitated, manic man who knocked on my door once, remarkably agitated about a barking dog which he thought lived at my house.  It helps to just listen to people like that, let 'em get it out, calm them down.  I was sure glad he wasn't drunk and armed, and it wasn't my dog.

I must also admit, long ago, when I was working nights and disturbed daily by a barking dog -- if you want to drive somebody nuts, mess with their sleep -- to wishing and praying that it would drop dead, often enough that I felt guilty when it did.

Whenever you're angry, remember to talk first, wait next, and act later.  Whatever you do when you're angry is likely to be a mistake, and good people (yourself included) will suffer.

One ray of hope to be found amid the dark nightmares of alcohol and other drugs -- you'll see this if you go to A.A. or talk to recovering people -- is that some of these folks successfully pull themselves out of unbelievably discouraging situations.

The poor neighborhood -- it won't heal until he leaves.

Maybe he'll heal, too.

You aren't the first one here to mention the frustration of living with irresponsible dog owners who don't find a way to control their dog's barking. It would probably drive me insane, but you are a better person than I because I think people who have extreme anger issues have had plenty of warnings and urgings to get help. I would hope it doesn't take gun fire to get someone to seek help. Of course, some people are so mentally ill they may not be capable of rectifying their issues. I do have compassion in those cases. I my memory is correct, this situation was akin to a highly-paid athlete getting away with damn-near killing someone time and again, until they get caught and seen by too many eyes. Still, cute or not, dogs need to by trained, for their own protection. It is so sad this little dog died for another dogs barking. How bad must that owner feel?

The owner of the barking dog? Probably not very bad. In my experience, people who leave their dogs outside and let them bark and bark have very little sense of responsibility for anything.

One time I got the idea of tape recording the neighbor's constantly barking dogs and then going out at two in the morning and turning on the recorder under their bedroom window as loud as it would go. Fortunately, these folks were NOT irresponsible and realized, before things escalated, that the two Prince Charles Cavaliers their kids had given them were a public nuisance. 

Then we have the idiot in my present 'hood, whose solution to his problem was not to figure out that if he wanted a dog he needed to let it come inside the house but instead to have the dog's vocal cords cut. Now instead of barking constantly the dog stands outside and grunts constantly. Apparently a large number of our fellow citizens a) do not know what dogs are about and b) do not care.

I shouldn't be surprised. Some people have children without much forethought and I have no doubt they would consider cutting their kiddies vocal cords if it were allowed. To be honest there were times I may have done that myself. Just kidding family. Love you all. Seriously, I met a homeless woman yesterday who had an adorable puppy, but she has no permanent place to live and no sure way to know how large this puppy may become. She just picked it up was walking it without a leash as she hadn't even picked up a collar and leash yet. It is so hard to see how some living creatures have to struggle under the guise of "care."


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