He started throwing up early this morning. We went for our morning walk, came in, I gave him his usual piece of frozen carrot, cauliflower and broccoli. Very shortly after that he threw up 3 times. Since then he has been throwing up every 30 minutes or so. It's a mucus vomit. He has also had some bad gas. He had 2 normal bowel movements today. Right now he is laying at my feet and it sounds like an alien in his tummy trying to get out! I can feel the gas moving around in there. I know I'm probably over reacting, but I'm worried. He hasn't had anything to drink either. I boiled some rice but he didn't eat any. He even dropped his piece of banana and walked away. Any help or words of encouragement would be appreciated.

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call your vet and see what they recommend. Also, fell his tummy, does it seem really painful or bloated? If so, this is an emergency, if not, maybe he just ate something out of the ordinary last night and its not sitting well. Did he eat breakfast this morning? Poor guy?
No, he hasn't eaten since last night. I just felt around his abdomen and he didn't seem uncomfortable. I can hear gas moving around in there.
I would really watch if he isn't drinking either. It could be something he ate but keep a close eye on him. Could he have gotten into something like a rabbit? Maybe try the rice again?
I would boil up some chicken for him and mix it with the rice and see if he will eat that. Just a small amount at a time. You could also try giving him some pediasure or something similar so he's getting some fluids in him.

Hi Bob, lift up SparkPlug's upper lip and see if it's pink. Look at his face, there shouldn't be any wrinkle under the eyes causing a fold, if so he's VERY dehydrated. If you have a rectal thermometer, dap a little vaseline, slowly insert 1 inche deep, wait 2 minutes, if it's below 99F or above 104F, take him to the VET immediately.


Don't feed him anything for today, focus on rehydrating him, if he is not keeping water down and vomit back up after several tries, it's time to take him to the VET for IV. 

I would check with the vet if it continues.  Most of the time if a dog gets into something upsetting, they toss it back up and that's it for the vomiting; dogs don't usually vomit every half hour like that.  Agreed with Sam about checking for signs of dehydration.
Well, he hasn't vomited in 5 hours now. That's good, I guess. He had a bit of crushed ice. He wouldn't touch the chicken broth. i just made some beef broth and it's cooling. We'll try that. A good friend is a shelty breeder and told me the same advice y'all have. I need to get a thermometer. His ears felt warmer than normal. He's acting normal. No folds under his eyes. He wants to play. I guess I'm an over protective daddy! If he doesn't eat or drink by morning, I will get him to my vet.
I'm glad he hasn't thrown up anymore. It's called being a good parent for worrying. Noodles has a sensitive tummy and he has had to have IV's twice. It is just heart breaking seeing him hooked up to the IV's. Definitely make sure he gets some water in him.
Never hurts to be overprotective...especially since they can't tell us!
Thank you all for your assistance. Sparky seems to be getting better. It was a long night for a fretting daddy. He threw up a few more times. He finally ate today and drank some of the pedialite. Other than some nasty gas he seems much better now. He even frapped a little while ago! Now, about this gas...Whew!
Glad to hear he is doing better.  It's so worrisome when they are sick.  You can't help but feel helpless.  I wonder if the food he's eating is giving him gas?  We had to switch Stanley's food around when he was a pup until we finally found one that seemed to agree with him and turn him into a super pooper :)
Canned pumpkin helps with diarea and tummy issues but if there is even a chance of parvo he needs to be checked out asap. If you are sure that isn't it a big spoon full should be enough.


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