Baron is now 2 years old and is still limping.  He limps after only a short walk or when he wakes up. He is still such a happy puppy, always wanting to play soccer and go for runs.  He has two speeds: run or stop. We have him scheduled for a follow up visit with the Veterinary Orthopedic surgeon that saw him in September on Wednsday.  We have to drop him off at 6:30 am (a 90 minute drive). so he can go under anesthesia for the x-rays.  Please pray that surgery will be an option to cure his limping and bleeding paws. Is it too late to crate train him?  The doctor had said that he will need 2-3 months crate rest after the surgery.

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Praying for Baron, hoping the best possible outcome for him.  If crate training isn't possible, maybe getting an ex pen and keeping him confined in one of those, I think would work.

Lilly and I are sending corgi prayers your way! 

Hi Teresa, you got it. No, crate train him will not be too late, just need to slowly increase the in crate time with treats, don't shut the door immediately, make it a comfortable place for him with your old T-shirt (familiar scent).

Teresa, you know you've got all of us sending healing thoughts to Baron!  Keep us posted!

sending corgi prayers to Baron! Hope everything goes ok! Its never too late to crate train. An ex-pen is also a good option, or you can leash him in the house to a specific area where you and your family hang out. Lots of interactive toys will be key for his healing, and don't be afraid to ask for sedatives! Franklin is also a 2 gear dog (run and stop), and both times he broke his foot I had to resort to sedatives. He was crate trained but was able to roll his crate across my room and get it wedged in my door! We got by with leashing indoors and LOTS AND LOTS of interactive toys, as well as a nice valium and acepromazine cocktail. He seemed much less depressed once I started sedating him, since he just didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to play. Good luck!!

Poor Baron!  Prayers that everything turns out well.  He will probably be so miserable the first couple of days that he'll go right there with no problems.  I put Seanna in the puppy pen after her ACL surgery to keep her quiet and she did just great.

We used the pen when Sidney was recovering from surgery and it worked out well. He didn't mind being in there at all; in fact I think he felt safe in there, like nobody was going to accidentally step on him or bump him. I hope everything goes well. Best wishes to Baron and to you!

we actually still had a playpen, so we removed the bottom and put rookie in the playpen so he could be in the middle of things but not get run over by my active kids. he never complained. i lifted him every hour or so and took him outside to take care of business and then put him back in the playpen. at night he slept in his crate, as usual. ex-pens would probably be better than a playpen, but back then, i didn't know about them. never too late to crate-train. make it comfortable, positive (treat, toys). good luck. you'll be in our thoughts and prayers. ricky-rafa is starting to limp periodically, and i'm keeping an eye on it. scary.

Aww poor Baron! Wishing you both luck.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and Baron!

Praying for Baron

Ah, Baron.  You're too sweet to keep down for long.  Sending good thoughts your way!


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