Ever since we first met Chewie, he's had a problem with really bad tears and tear marks.  No matter how many times I wipe them, two minutes later, it's just as difficult.  Has anyone ever had a similar issue before?

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My Chewie had this issue too!  It was eye infection.  Take your Chewie to the vet!
Our first vet visit with him, the vet had said that it could be an infection, so she treated it as if it were, but they're still as bad as they were then.  Thankfully, I've found a much better vet, but I have yet to talk to them about it.  Thanks so much.

I'm glad my husband isn't the only Corgi Star Wars fan :)
Hi Lani, check your local pollen report.
It started while we were in Jacksonville, FL.  After my husband deployed, we moved to Michigan, and they're simply just as bad as before.
Clogged eye duct?

It could be a number of things from eye infection to clogged ducts to allergies.  Sometimes, a dog is simply genetically predisposed to tearing.  My eskimo dog, Yuki, has had tearing problems since he was 2 years old and he falls into the last category.  His eyes are just watery and probably always will be. 


One thing that did help him a little bit, though, was taking him off of grains.  I switched him over to a grain-free food and his tearing is about half as bad as it used to be.  Each dog is different, though, so I would recommend you take Chewie to the Vet and see if he or she can figure out what the problem might be.

I believe I'm going to take him to a different vet to see what they have to say.  Thanks so much!
my puppy Zeus had the same thing the vet gave him antibiotic eye drops and now he is all o.k. - hope your dog gets better soon
Thank you!
Gwynnie had that when she was young.  Clogged tear ducts.  We did hot compresses:  damp washcloth in the microwave, hold on eyes as long as dog will stand.  TEST IT on your own lips first; the microwave can make small hot-spots.  Time-intensive, worked for us.
Thanks so much, I'll have to try this.
I know some dogs get the stains cause of I think Yeast in their food and/or grains.


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